I havent felt much else


I am 5 weeks prego and havent haf much pregnancy symptoms. My breast hurt but not that bad and I have been going #2 alot (sorry tmi I know) but I havent felt much else. Oh and I am always tired and going pee more. Is this normal? Could I feel more symptoms in a few weeks?


It’s possible you’ll feel more – a lot of ladies get morning sickness starting around week 6 or so. Or, you could be like me, I had nothing other than breast tenderness at first. Then around weeks 6 through 10, I had extreme fatigue. Then nothing until about week 22 when I started feeling kicking (I had anterior placenta, so it felt kicking much later than most). I had no cravings or aversions or anything of that nature.

Congrats on your pregnancy!


Thank you!! This is my first and I just dont know what to expect. Lol


Happy pregnancy lol. Congrats. Each pregnancy is different I had no symptoms at all I was in total shock when I found out I was pregnant. This may not be a bad thing. Have a great pregnancy