I’m hoping someone can help me out!


Hey ladies, I’m hoping someone can help me out! I know there is no “tmi” at this point…but it makes for an awkward conversation! Anyway…I’m 28 weeks tomorrow and have been monitored weekly since 23 weeks due to contractions and cramping. Cervical length is a bit short (2.3) but no dilating as of last Monday. I think I lost my mucous plug this evening…actually I’m pretty positive I did. Do u think I’m ok to wait until tomorrow to call? Or should I just wait until my appt this Wednesday? I’m not contracting or crampy…and there was no blood.

Any input would be helpful! Thanks!


I wouldn’t wait, things can go from nothing to full blown preterm labor quickly and they need 2 days before delivery to give you really important steroid shots for baby’s lungs this early.
It’s possible it’s nothing, but I’m one for being cautious, for your precious little one’s sake.


Smitty - call now. I would not wait.


Don’t wait. Call now, or go to the ER.