I’m wondering if anyone knows how long your lp should be


I don’t normally get periods on my own. So I’m wondering if anyone knows how long your lp should be on a medicated cycle? I had the trigger shot 2 weeks ago right now to the min :slight_smile: I’m assuming I o’ed 36 hours later which would put 2 weeks to be tomorrow night for me. I was going off the 14 days for :af: but i’m wondering if that’s accurate? Does anyone know the average? I’m still getting :bfn: as of this morning. I think i’m pretty much out of the game this month so i’m wondering if I should expect :af: tomorrow?


I think it really varies. It you have short luteAl phase like less than 12 days maybe you have problems with progesterone. Mine is 12 days on average. I dont think having trigger shot affect your luteal phase but progesterone shots definitely will. After you ovulate your corpus luteum (from your follicle) is the one that produces progesterone. If you are on progesterone shots, and you stop taking the shots you should get your period 3-5 days after.


The average LP is 14 days.

Having a higher progesterone number can prevent AF from showing up at a normal time. I’ve seen girls have a normal LP of 14 days, but on medicated cycles without progesterone support they have 16-18 day LP’s.