I meet my daughter


The other night while I was sleeping i had a dream that I was walking down the most beautiful road and everything was perfect. I came upon a sign with my name on it and a long drive way. I walked up to the house and found the door unlocked and went inside. The house could only be described as me idea of a perfect home. I sat down on the couch and was sort of feeling alone when I heard the steps of a small child running down the steps. This pretty little girl that looked to be about 3 came running up to me and jumped into my lap and hugged me. I asked her who are you she looked and me and said its me lavern(when my wife was pregnant I joked if it was a girl I would name her Lavern ,not that there anything wrong with the name I just knew my wife hated it). I said you weren’t even born when you passed how did you get so big? She explain that god makes all babies three because thats when we are happiest in life. We played and laughed and talked then she told me I had to go. I told her I wanted to stay. She said God only let me meet her because he knew I planned to do a bad thing, and that if I did that bad thing it was important I knew I would never see her again. So some of you will probably think I am crazy or just having desperate dreams, but I know that no matter how much I suffer in this life or how hard it gets I will bare it, because I know there is a little girl in heaven waiting on her daddy.


Wow–that is an amazingly powerful dream!! I wish you the very best and :pray: you have found peace and renewed spirit! :grouphug:
Thanks for sharing!! :flower:


I love dreams like that. I have weird dreams about IVF all the time…that’s just stress. But I have meaningful ones too. I hope they are prophetic :slight_smile:


I am glad you have had that dream, and it opened your eyes. She is in heaven waiting for you… perhaps playing with my twin babies up there :slight_smile:

:pray: for you and your wife.


I wish I could see mine…

I just wanted to say that your post helped me. I would give anything to see my girls again. I hope that they are up there waiting on me. I hope they are playing with my little brother. It does not make it better. I want them with me, but that is not how it is and I can’t do anything about that. Because I would if I could. I am glad that I have my boys to help me. Or I know I could not make it.