I must take a break..some stories have me sad scared & depressed


I feel like I post so much but anyways I did my 1st FET 2 days ago.This site has been very supportive as well as informative, however some of the posts make me sad depressed and make me think what if this, or that happens to me. Some people I feel so bad for , it breaks my heart to see those who has gotten there BFP just to loose the baby, I hurt for them and can’t imagine trying for years getting a BFP and then you hear no heart beat or get a BFP just to be informed its a chemical. Or having to go through multiple IVF’S and still get BFN ugh…I dont like reading those stories it breaks my heart so bad. All though this is just the sad reality of infertility:grr:

So Im praying for all of you ladies to receive a BFP and having a healthy baby. However today will be my last day …until my first BETA… So I will be on the site until midnight…I have even decided not to test until the 15th .my husband and I my stepdaughter and nieces will take a mini vacation this weekend to FL …when we return the next day will be my BETA…:pray:


I totally understand having to take a break from the site for a bit, I was there once myself, even those these sites were such a blessing to me.

Before I go any farther, good luck on your beta! It is great that you are taking a mini vacation during this time. Hopefully it will make the wait go by a bit quicker for you.

As for “those people” who have been through so much, lost babies, had numerous unsuccessful cycles, etc. … yes, the stories are terrible and heartbreaking, but as one of “those people” I just wanted to say that sometimes all the heartache pays off in the end.

We went through 6 total cycles, three miscarriages, and two negatives before finally giving birth to our first little guy. Our story may sound scary and not too encouraging, but we now are a happy family of four and everything we went through was all to get our two little boys and was all worth it in the end.

I guess I am trying to say that even some of the worst stories turn out to be success in the end, as hard as it is to stay positive sometimes, I always knew we would eventually have a family. You could drive yourself crazy with all the what ifs and scary stories, but there are many people with wonderful success stories out there as well, try not to forget that. It always gave me hope!

Enjoy your vacation, hope you come back to the site with a success story of your own! :pray:


Awww thanks Brit1612

It’s actually people like you and stories like yours that make me feel better. I have truly became a "fertilitycommunity " junkie…lol I’m on all day and night in the car riding with DH while eyes are glued to my phone or tablet…and after reading stories that are sad it makes me sad. I guess I just need to take a deep breath…do some studying and wait cause that’s all I can do.

I am so happy you have your baby now congratulations to you…and your right at the end its all worth it sometimes I get so tired of taking pills and the progesterone shots…ugh and ouch my bottom is so soar I can barely sit on it. The other shots were a breeze gonal F and lupron but the progesterone…ugh and just to think I have 7 more days to go…

But on the bright side thank God for technolgy and for me being able to have the opportunity.

I will definitely be back on the 15th and hopefully with good news but either or I will be back. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement:thankyou:


To kaydreambaby:

Hello, I just saw this post today and I know you won’t be visiting this site for a week or so, but if you sneak a peek, please understand that there are so many others out there with you!

Havin been through so many (failed) treatments myself, I read your history and it sounds like you will soon be the one posting a BFP.

Sorry you were frustrated at the cancelled transfer, BUT FET tends to have better outcomes these days!!! Some clinics are even encouraging their patients to do “FREEZE-all” cycles and delay transfer until your hormones/lining have had a break.

So, I feel so very positive for you. Have a relaxing vacation and I can’t wait to hear your updates!