I need advise or support re:IUI


I just did an IUI yesterday at 10:30 am
I was given the trigger shot the day before after the scan showed 2 decent sized follicles, 1(18mm) 2 (24mm)
I took clomid cycle day 3-7 150mg each day

On cycle day 13 I did not have a positive test but the line was close in color. The reason I went in was die to the fact that I realized they gave me 3 times the amount of clomid. I did an IUI 2 cycles ago and the Dr decided that I should have 100mg… well when the nurse called it it they only had it at 50mg. I sent her a message and she said that what I was given was correct and dismissed me. Well after talking to the Dr about the recent cycle he said lets do 150… I said that last time was only 50 and he argued with me so I thought maybe I was getting my numbers wrong.
So come cycle day 13 still no surge and realizing that in fact I was triple the amount I called the office to let them know. They said come in right away and triggered me after seeing an 18 & 24 mm follicle.
I did another ovulation test the day of the IUI and it was still not a complete positive… maybe the tests suck!!! I also used the fertility monitor and it had the egg image for ovulation.
When I went in I explained that the test was still not a true positive and the nurse assured me that I was given the highest dose for the trigger.
Im just nervous that I did not ovulate prior to the IUI and not even sure if I have by now… UGGG Im so annoyed with this clinic and them not having their act together not to mention the thousands I have spent :frowning:


When I did my IUI back in June, I triggered on Monday night, had my IUI on Wed. and I’m almost positive that I didn’t ovulate til Friday. Sucks when you’re not sure and the timing is off :frowning:


One of the hardest thing about all of this is the lack of strict timing. If your swimers are not the problem then you should be BD every night for the next week just to be sure. Also not everyone gets a true +opk. I have never had one, and I have seen a lot of ladies on here that have said the same thing. the OPKs are only about 70% accurate. Also they work the best if taken at the sme time at night. they can be hard to read if you test and get a light line your levels could be on there way up and then when you test the next day they could already be on their way back down, giving you a nother light line and never seeing a true +. Now you Will O no more then 36hrs after your triger. Some REs like to do the iui at 12 hr Past Triger and have the SP there waiting when you O and some like to do it at 24-36 and have it there when your egg is already there. Just to through some numbers out for you to think about, I know with me I needed all the info I could get at the beginning to help make sense of all this. Your egg lives about 12Hr after O at 100%viable and then goes down from there for the next 12hrs. SP if washed lives only 12hrs and can live a little more if it is sitting in your tubes and if it is not washed compleatly then you have 48-72hrs. once you hit thirity about 50% of the eggs you release are “good” eggs. What I have learned over the years is that if you are not happy with the RE or clinic you are with, CHANGE. All this is so emotional and stressful you should be going through it with someone you trust and like. If you can look around then you should. I was with one RE for way to long because he was one of the “best”. I finally got a second RE to look at my case and he informed me that we had waisted almost a year because of a test I could have done to help that my other RE did not do. With all this being said you have some very good sized folies!!! sorry for the long post it is just sometimes I wish I had more info in the early stages so hope it helps. Good luck hope this is the one for you.