I need some hope after failed IVF and failed FETs


Hello friends

I am Tany and I am 28 years old. Our problem for infertility is from me that I have so much adhesion from old surgery 20 years ago. DH is good (THANKS GOD). So, we have tried for 2 years to conceive and we have gone through 3 unsuccessful cycles (one fresh and two freeze, you can see in my signature).
We have still 3 embryos waiting for us which two are 6-day blast and one 2-day embryo.
Right now, I need some hope to continue for other attempts. Is it normal to have several failed cycle before get pregnant?
I hope to hear from those of you who struggled and succeed at the end.


Hi Tany,
So sorry to hear that you’re having such a hard time getting pregnant. For me, the hardest part of infertility has been failed IVF cycles. It’s one thing to try on your own or take meds, but with the cost, stress and intensity of IVF, I too found it difficult to deal with multiple failures.

There are a couple of threads going for multiple IVFers. Here is an active one: Any multiple IVFers out there?

It’s amazing when people get pregnant on their first IVF. You’re usually in a tough place by the time you get to IVF, and I wished it worked right away for everyone. Unfortunately, for some of us, it takes multiple tries.

Definitely join the thread. After 2-3 failed cycles is usually when it’s time to ask more questions: do I need to see another RE, is there something wrong with my protocol, is my body not responding, is there a problem with eggs/sperm/uterus that we haven’t identified, etc. This group is great for asking about next steps, what others have done, and what to ask your RE.

More than anything, it helps to know you’re not alone. There are women on these boards that have gone through multiple rounds, and when they’ve almost given up hope, it works at they make a beautiful, healthy baby, or two! Stay hopeful!! Come join us on the multiple IVF boards and everyone will be glad to support you and help through this difficult time.



Thank you for your comment Courtney9. Congratulation for your pregnancy. Hope I get my angel soon too at the end of this journey. Absolutely, I will join you on that thread. Hope I can make so many friends there through this lonely journey.
Best wishes for you with your pregnancy


I had 3 failed IVFs before getting my :bfp:on my 4th attempt. It is stressful, but when you want something bad enough you push through the stress and keep praying and not give up.
Best wishes for a future pregnancy :slight_smile:


Awwsome congragulation to your pregnancy and I also try until I will get my miracle. Pray for me


Hi Tany,

Praying you get :bfp: and have successful :preg: from you next FET.

Looking at your past cycles, you only transfer one blast. For me, my RE did 3 day transfer of 8 cell embryos since they have history this is the best stage and time for someone under 32.

Maybe ask RE about doing transfer of 2? I was scared to do 2, but RE said low likely hood of twins/or even more. Seems the chance of multiples doesnt increase until your older, late 30’s/early 40’s from hospitals experience. Although, looks like you have blasts–so maybe your RE sees higher risk of multiples.

Best Wishes!


Hi fmfv1
Thanks for your comment and congragulation to your success. I will also ask them to transfer two. Hope and pray this can be the solution.


Hello again
I had my blood test today and it was negative (as I already know) I have also talked with doctor and she said that since your embryos are in prefect quality we don’t do any assistant hatching and also they don’t want to put back two embryos. But, she prescribed me Crinone (Progestrone) for after transfer. She said that it is not normal to take Crinone in natural FET in their clinic but because I had my bleeding so early maybe we can take progestrone after transfer next time to help the little embryo to implant and stick. SO, then next natural FET is planned for June 2013. I feel excited and I have more positive feeling through my next cycle. I will try to be positive. The last cycle we had (this month), I didn’t take rest after transfer and both me and my husband didn’t believe on getting pregnant. BUT, I want to take rest more and think positive because I believe that everything is in God’s hand and timing and I will try my best to show my faith and get my dreams.


Hi Tany, every RE has different protocol. My RE had me doing progesterone in oil shots everyday after transfer until 11 weeks into pregnancy.

Praying your next cycle brings you BFP!