I need some hope


Hello, This is my first time posting on this board however I am a lurker. I am currently in the dreaded 2ww after a FET on November 7th. I am 6pt of 3 6 day embryos. I took a HPT test this morning and it’s a BFN. I just wanted to know if there is anyone out there that has gotten a positive after a negative at 6 days post transfer. Any advice would be appreciated. I tried to wait but as you can tell I couldn’t.



There are many women who get a :bfp: after that! There have been some that did not show 2 lines until after their beta day! I know its hard, but don’t lose hope yet… Also, what types of tests are you using?? Some are way more sensitive than others! Good Luck!:bsv:


Thanks for the response. I used First Response test. Are these good test to use?


Yes, those are pretty good. Here is a website that lists the sensitivity of the tests.

Pregnancy Test - Sensitivity Comparison - BabyHopes.com


Thank you so much for your help. I am just driving myself crazy like everyone else I imagine in the 2ww.


That;s too early to get a BFP , the earliest is at 9 days post 3DT
Stay calm and don’t repeat it till day 9 or 10 (even it it is negative it might be positive on the beta day , Best of luck :pray: :pray:
First reponse is excellent test but u tested in the implantation period (still early )


I have heard of women testing negative the day of beta with a hpt then getting a positive beta blood test that afternoon. I’ve found a lot of stories like these online so don’t give up. Also it may still be too soon. Wishing you a BFP.