I need your help to win a free IVF cycle PLEASE!


Hi Ladies!

I really need your help to win a free IVF cycle! We had to write an essay about our journey and why we deserve a free cycle and I still can’t believe it but we were selected as 1 of 10 finalists! Now it up to YOU to vote on the winner! If we had ANY other way of doing a cycle I would not ask. But we have already spent so much and because of stupid choices we made when we were younger we ruined our credit. Please Please go on and vote for Victoria and Walter and please spread the word. Thank you so much!!!
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here you go

done. good luck to both of you!


Thank you so much!


Done. Good luck to you.


Thank you and congrats on the twins! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!!!


Thank you. Your time is near, just have faith. All the best.


Check, check!


Thank you! PLease ladies just take one minute to vote! We so desperately need this! :pray: we all get our miracles!


DONE!!! I really hope you all WIN… Be :pray: for you all…

God Bless. :paw:


Thank you Sly fox! I think we were on a previous thread together :pray: that 2012 is our year to be due date buddies!


It only takes a minute and you do not have to leave ANY info! Thank you



Good luck.:cross: :cross: :cross:


done :cross::cross: for you.


I wish you the best of luck. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Please let us know if you win!!


DONE! It was very fast! Good Luck, sweetie!


I hate to say this, but I saw your thread and another finalist in need of votes. I thought to myself…"I will only vote for the one that moves me, even if it’s someone not on this board. All of the stories were very compelling, and I wish everyone could win. But, your story resonated so much with me. I too am a bad writer, and would have died to know that I had to convince people I was worthy of their vote and what a baby means to me, how can such feelings be put into words? But you did it! I would have voted for you even if you didn’t ask. I hope you win, Victoria! I know one day you will be holding your baby, and that time is near.:grouphug:


Voted for you. Best of luck!


Voted! Good luck hun!


PS- Made my hubby vote for you too :wink:


Thank you! It was very hard to share something so personal with everyone. But regardless of whether or not we win I am glad we did it. We have been overwhelmed by the support we are receiving from friends and family. Esp DH he was really against it because a lot of our issues are male factor but he is realizing its ok to talk about! Again thank you so much and I wish you all the best and hope we will meet up again on a due date buddies thread!!!:babydust: :babydust: