I POAS and nothing happened totally blank no lines


Ok so… I tested using HPT.

These were digital:

[]6dp3dt - BFN
]7dp3dt - BFN
[*]8dp3dt - BFN[/LIST]First Response (the one with the lines):

[]9dp3dt - I POAS and nothing happened totally blank no lines. SO I though damaged test. I came back a few hours later and there were two lines.
][B]10dp3dt/B(TODAY) - POAS and after about 3min I saw a very very very faint line, barely there but it was there…[/LIST]So now what??? Could it be?? I really had already come to terms with my BFN… no big deal. We will try again and then I get a “barely there” line??? UGH!!!

I have one more test whcih I think I will use in the morning, my BETA is tomorrow so I will know for sure by tomorrow afternoon but this is killing me!!!

:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :bsv:


Sounds like you’re :preg: to me! Time to get cautiously excited! :slight_smile: A line is a line, faint or not! :bfp: Congrats!


I agree… a line is a line! Those digital test are a lot less sensitive than the two line test. That is probably why you got a negative with them. Test again, if you still see a faint line, then it is for sure! Good luck with your beta tomorrow.