i sent a message to the board moderators...


there seems to be some obnoxious, single male telemarketers on these boards lurking and posting ridiculous threads, trying to give medical advice, pawn Xanax, motorcycles and other nonsense. please advise others on your own threads of this. i am wrecked from infertility and i WILL NOT put up with some guy trying to make a buck taking advantage of any website he can post on. please take note of this…on a positive note, day 4 of 2WW and counting…RE told me that technically i could try to test at about day 10, so really only about 6 to go!!! -a-


Losers! I can’t believe they are choosing this site - out of so many out there - to do their marketing…

Anyway, Angelcare, good luck!! Lots of baby dust for you!! Crossing my fingers for a :bfp:
:babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: