...I should prepare for the worst & hope for the best


I went into IVF thinking that since I’m using a donor egg and my husband is perfectly fine that I would get pregnant. So, that said, I wish I had known that it’s no guarantee even if you are doing acupuncture, eating organic, quit your part-time job to devote every minute of your day to eating well & doing relaxation exercises and are in general good health, etc. I wish I had known that there is a good possibility that you’ll have to go through the donor selection process (which is actually not that easy) more than 2 times. I also wish I had known that after an IVF fails you may have the most painful, clotty, horrific period you’ve ever had in your life even after living with endometriosis for 15 years (oh, and btw, no Advil for you, you’re trying to get pregnant dear). And I wish I had know that Mother’s Day would completely suck this year because I finally had a fertilized egg make it to my uterus via IVF but still no luck. Also, I wish my mom wouldn’t have called me to make sure that I saw the Sunday Morning mother’s day show segment with the woman who conceived naturally at 40. Good for her! She must be a spectacular, perfect woman who deserves it so much more than I do!!! arrrgggghhhhhh!!! :grr: Boy it does feel good to vent!


I just wanted to offer my support for you. This journey is so hard, long and sometimes painful. I hope that you will be able to try again when you are ready. :grouphug: :grouphug:


Thanks! Hopefully by mid June we will try again. Thankfully we still have 4 frozen embryos. :cross: Best of luck to you too!