I think I am crazy


Ok I am 7 days post IUI, on day five had big dip in my BBT then on day six had big spike in BBT I questioned implantation dip, I have had some cramping off and on ever since day 5, had some early this am, Boobs not sore but tender at times, not like when I was pregnant with my first, this weekend at lunch on saturday I got a metallic taste in my mouth thought it would go away, took one bite of roast and thought I was going to hurl, not been sick since I chalked it up to the meat, I am going to the bathroom a lot more, I am chalking that up to just drinking, have low back pain have had it for several days, could be because I was not sleeping on my tempur pedic, I know it is too early to be pregnant but I just wonder if my psyche is bringing on all these symptoms or if there just might be hope that this took, any comments are well welcomed


The last time I was pregnant I KNEW it as early as 7 days past IUI. Call it women’s intuition. The only way to be sure though is to wait out the dreaded 2 weeks. Good luck and hope all the symptoms mean BFP.



I’m not trying to bring you down, but… My BBTs were all over the place with one of my IUIs, so don’t read too much into them. Both cycles, I had sore bb’s, slept like a rock, had heartburn, and all turned out to be from the prometrium I was taking. I also had minor cramping here and there, and twinges in my sides. Towards the end of my 2nd IUI, my lower back was killing me. In fact, the start of this cycle, my back hurt badly enough to sit with a heating pad on it. Both IUIs were BFNs for me. Try not to read into the symptoms, you’ll drive yourself crazy! And, it’s harder to deal with the BFNs when you think you’re pregnant the whole time. Good luck to you!!:babydust:



I know I am trying to not get excited and just keep telling myself that I will know for sure next week, I know I had those symptoms post IUI in the past because I was on clomid, this was a natural cycle with no clomid, I hate the 2WW too bad you cant find out 3 days after the procedure lol, Thanks for the input


It’s not the clomid, it’s the progesterone. The progesterone can make you feel pregnant.