I think I got my BFP? Full of questions


I did a cycle of letrozole with a new RE. It was a rocky cycle. I started out with 5mg letrozole. My first ultrasound (cycle day 12) showed only one 12mm follicle and a lining of 5.6mm (thin). My RE put me back on 7.5mg letrozole cycle day 12-16. I had an ultrasound cycle day 20 and only one 16mm follicle and my lining was thinner…3.5mm (I was told this was likely due to technician error because your lining can’t decrease that much w/o bleeding and I didn’t have any). Cycle day 22 I had another ultrasound and had two follicle…one 18mm and one 15mm…and a lining of 6.5mm. Cycle day 24 I had my final ultrasound and two 21mm follicles (one on each ovary) and a lining of 7.5mm. I took my trigger shot that day…July,29.

I took a pregnancy test today and it was positive! I also took one yesterday and the day before and got super faint positives. Today it was even darker though. My RE nurse actually told me not to test until tomorrow (12dpo), but I could not wait! Also, I know it was not a false positive from the trigger shot because I tested last Sunday and it was totally negative, so I know the trigger shot is totally of me. I am excited but full of questions. I am having cramping? Is that normal? Sometimes they are actually sharp pains. I am hoping that does not signify an ectopic pregnancy. Nipples are sore and I think bigger. Also, I go to my RE for lab work this week. What will they test for? I know they check hCG and progesterone. Anything else? I am really hoping/PRAYING to have a successful pregnancy. Also, I am wondering if it is twins since I tested positive at only 9 days past ovulation. Since I triggered late Monday, July 29, I was told I would probably ovulate July 31. When I tested Friday and got the faint positive it was only 9 days after my calculated ovulation. Does this mean my hCG is high and likely twins? Does anyone have experience with this? I did have two big follicles when I triggered. Any advice/input is appreciated! Thanks!!!


Cramping could signify many things. I had sharp almost “twinges” during my pregnancy in the beginning. That’s how I knew I was pregnant actually because of the sharp cramp/twinges. They’d come and go. So there’s an example of cramping being normal! They told me not to worry unless it was severe or bleeding was involved and there never was, just random cramps.
My pregnancy test showed positive early and I didn’t have twins, but it’s not to say you won’t. I think the blood tests for HCG and progesterone only, but I’m not 100%.
Wishing you nothing but the best and a huge congrats on your pregnancy!!! :cheer:


Thank you!

Thank you so much for your response and well wishes! It means a lot to me! I am glad to hear this could be “normal” cramping! Everything you said was very helpful! Also, congratulations to you on your perfect baby girl! How joyous!



There are so many twinges associated with pregnancy. Try not to worry about them and enjoy your moment as much as possible. It could be a lot of things, but is probably just your embie settling in for a nice, long ride :slight_smile:

As for twins, I’m the world’s biggest naysayer for early lines and high betas. We selectively transferred one embie during our recent IVF and my betas were consistent with triplets. I also got my BFP very early…but my trigger basically never left. It was still there at 3dp5dt but very faint, and then was darker at 4dp5dt. Obviously, we knew it was only one…but I DO think early BFPs are a sign of a healthy pregnancy!!

Anyway, best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy. Getting a BFP is the best feeling EVER. Enjoy!


congratulations to you too!

THANKS for the reply. That makes me feel better also. It is so hard to know what is normal for a first pregnancy! Congratulations to you on your pregnancy! How exciting! I just got my blood test done at the doctor’s office. To my surprise they only check hCG not progesterone. They said I would come back Wednesday and they would recheck hCG and do progesterone at that time. Does that sound like what you’re doctors did? Thanks again for this positive encouragement and replies!


I never knew my progesterone levels to be honest. I only got my HCG checked maybe three times and then I “graduated” to my regular OBGYN (they called it graduating not me) I went every 2-3 days for the first two weeks. I think when I was 8 weeks pregnant they stopped checking it.
Do you know your HCG levels?
Try to relax and enjoy it. I worried my whole pregnancy wondering “is this normal” or “why am I or why am I not experiencing this” and I wish I would have relaxed more–but that’s easier said than done.

Wishing you the best as you get your results!!!


Just wanted to say congrats! :slight_smile:


Thank you

Thanks everyone for your kind words! I am feeling calmer! What a shock though! Best surprise I have ever had…even though we were trying really hard!

Awwsome, my hCG level today was 65.3 and the nurse said it was good for where I was at. I go back on Wednesday to have that and progesterone checked. I will be thinking about all of you as well and sending my good energy!


Great number!! :clap:
Best wishes on a healthy pregnancy