I think my body is CRAZY!!!!


My body is nuts and it is really affecting my mind. I am about to lose it! I have no idea what is going on with this body of mine and I cannot find any answers to my questions. I have a call into my OB and maybe they can shed some light, IF and when they call me back. Uggghhhhhh:grr::grr::grr:

So just putting it out there this is the deal maybe someone can give me an answer.

D&C on Nov 9th only 3 times I had some bleeding
Nov. 12th-17th digi opk’s but line was getting darker
Nov. 16th bd
Nov. 19th and 20th bad bad bad cramps in my lower back hips and stomach
Nov. 21st EWCM and No positive OPK, didn’t get to test on the 18the, 19th or 20th because of friends wedding. But we bd’d on the 21st anyway. Afterward I had some brownish bleeding only when I wiped.

Have been cramping on and off since then and have tested with OPK’s to still have a negative.

What’s wrong with my body??? Could any of this be implantation by any chance? I have never been through this before with the d&c and my body acting crazy. I don’t know what to expect and I have no clue if maybe I got pregnant on the 16th and this could all be due to implantation. If anyone can help me please do because I think I’m turning into a crazy woman.


So, I took a EPT early digital test and it was a negative. I also checked my cervix and it is low and hard, so I am guessing I am about to start AF! I am so ready to start that I could scream!


I’m not sure if you have heard back from your RE’s office yet, but my guess is that they’ll tell you that it takes a while for your body to reset after a D&C. For me, it has taken 5-6 weeks to get my period after both of mine.

With the second one, it was definitely very strange and hard to figure out what was going on. I went back and forth with + OPKs, some of which were probably due to hCG rather than LH. And then I ovulated two days after I still had a positive beta, so I’d already written it off. My luteal phase has also taken a huge dip since then, getting my period about a week after I O. It definitely drove me nuts trying to figure out what was going on, but my body was just doing unexpected things.

As far as the bleeding goes, I think that just varies by person. I always have very little. Even after my c-section, when they tell you to expect to bleed for weeks, by the time I left the hospital, I was using a pantiliner, not a pad. I was concerned that this was a bad thing (sign of poor uterine blood flow) and asked my OB about it, and he said he finds that is not the case, that it means that your uterus is healthy and does a good job of contracting and stopping bleeding. My Doppler US for IVF to check blood flow showed it was good, so that seems to be the case.