I’ve recently done ICSI which resulted in a :bfn:


Hi Everyone,

My name is Miche, I am from South Africa and I have been trying for 8 years. I’ve recently done ICSI which resulted in a :bfn: . My new plan of action is to do ICSI/ZIFT in November. If any of you have done this before or have any information regarding this please let me know.



It has been seen that when the ICSI process is carried out in IVF programs, 75% of the eggs that are injected with the sperm get fertilized. If you are a couple who has not had success with the standard IVF procedure, where the sperm and egg are brought together in the normal or conventional way, you can opt for ICSI. It has a higher sucess rate compared to stardard IVF. In these cases, the egg quality and quantity tends to be good, as the procedure is usually conducted in cases of male infertility related problems. If you are wondering about the success rates of IVF with ICSI, its depends on factors such as: Individual patient. The ICSI technique being used. Skill of the person who is performing the procedure. Other Factors are; It is also necessary to select a good clinic like Biotexcom Clinic as the success rate also depends on the quality of the laboratory, the egg quality and the transfer skills; the eggs need to be carefully transferred and fertilized and finally, the skills of the specialist or physician. IN my case I had to see doctor.