I Would Die For That


I wanted to share a song and video with others that is a song that means so much to me. I have known Kellie Coffey for many years and this is a song she wrote after her and her husband had infertility problems. I have literally played this song hundreds of times I’m sure. Very powerful song and video. At the very end the little boy Kellie is holding is her son and they later had a daughter as well.

Kellie Coffey- I Would Die For That.
I Would Die For That - YouTube


Beautiful…i had tears in my eyes while listening to this song.


Wow that is too much for me…i might be able to watch it some day…but right now, it’s too overwhelming.


I’m sorry. :frowning: I was hesitant to post it but it is a song that has touched me. I didn’t want to bring pain to anyone as we are all going through the same thing.


thank you

I think that is an awesome song :thankyou:


I probably shouldn’t have watched that. Now I can’t stop crying.


What a great video SM5! Thank you for sharing. I think that video helps to instill hope in those of us TTC.



What a beautiful and touchy song. My husband walked in on me crying all concerned. Thanks for sharing I think I needed that cry.