Ideal time to build up count before iui?


What is the ideal time to build up sperm count before an iui? I have read to release daily to empty bad ones and allow new ones to buildup. But if it takes 3 months to build health sperm then why release it daily? Won’t it need to take longer to rebuild a better count? Most likely iui #4 is next week so I am trying to figure out what to inrease chances this round in this regards.


Our RE always said not less than 36 hours nor more than 5 days.


Honestly, I think everyone is different. My RE told my husband to release 3 days before IUI. That was our first IUI and his count was horrible-like 1 million. The next time we did 5 day, the next 7, etc. We increased every time. Our best count was when we waited 2 weeks. (I know, I know, kinda mean for him, but it was due to busy schedules then not sure when IUI would be, etc.).


All 3 of my RE’s have said don’t hold any longer than 5 days and no less than 36 hours for IUI.

But it takes a man 3 months to grow mature sperm. It doesn’t take 3 months to build a good supply. Releasing every 2-4 days makes your body know it need to make more sperm when the time comes. A to long of a hold between releases can kill off the sperm giving you no very many alive. I know for my husband, he can’t do a hold longer than 3 days before his SA turns really really bad. So we make sure he releases atleast every 2 days.


Ours always used to say abstinence 48 hours before IUI.


It partially depends on the man & his sperm count. I’ve had 6 IUIs and my husband has had a really high count every time. (He has literally gotten pats on the back while I lie there on the table). We usually have him abstain just the day before. I’m sure your doctor will tell him how long to wait. If not, 36 hours to 3 days seems to be the average.
The manufacturing and growing of healthy sperm is different than the release of sperm.