If it wasn't hard... it wouldn't be worth it right?


So i’ve been through the ringer in the last two weeks. my normal dr who i had been going to for over a year had pretty much given up on me (or so thats what it felt like) and told me to come back after i see a reproductive endocronlogist… i’ve been poked, prodded & drained and i’m healthy. My husbands semen analysis came back and he has sperm anti bodies and mis shapen sperm… the numbers are not terribly off by any means but she was quick to say that it could be whats keeping them from getting to where they need to go. my dr is still going to put me on clomid & ovidrel and do an IUI. fingers crossed. :bsv: HOWEVER i am having a hard time with the fact that we can do this naturally or on our own. i’m 24 yrs old and i feel like i’ve spent most of my life avoiding the whole possibility of getting pregnant only for it to backfire. oh brother. i guess this is just the way it goes. new out look is going to be positive and up beat and pray that the IUI is effective and by this time next year i’ll be compeltely content. :pray: ps we went to eat chinese the other night and both our fortunes read “Luck happens when hard work meets opportunity” and “Life always gets harder near the summit” … both of them put a smile on our face haha :cross: :cross: :cross:


wish i could change my screen name haha… positive thinking right?


I know exactly how you feel. I spent 20 years (and who knows how much money) trying not to get pregnant, and once I was ready to, I had to jump through a bunch of hoops. The good news is that jumping through the hoops can definitely work. Keep a positive attitude. Good luck and baby dust :babydust::babydust:


Hang in there Epic. I too have spent many years avoiding pregnancy for many reasons, even when my dr. was literally begging me to get pregnant when I wasnt ready.

It takes the average, normal couple 6-8 mos. of timed intercourse to get pregnant. That isn’t something people talk about - we just know when they finally get pregnant. No one talks about the work involved. And certainly, no one talks about infertility issues, or fertility struggles.

Keep your chin up. You do have youth on your side, though I know the pains of it now working when you want it to. But there is always a glimmer of hope. And if you have any kind of faith, fall back on that to help get you thru until your :bfp: comes along!

Maybe your next name will be epicsuccess!!! :slight_smile: