If only my parents/friends/etc knew


…if only they knew…

…how badly my left cheek hurts right now after doing my second PIO shot last night. I feel like making my status update “while you may be complaining about the trials and tribulations of motherhood, always remember, there is some woman out there giving herself daily injections with some huge needles just to try and get pregnant. Don’t take what you have for granted!”


Ladies, first of all I would like to say in this case misery does not love company and I’m sorry you are going through this. With that said…you have made me laugh at a time I feel like I’m going to explode. I have such a heavy heart right now. currently going through a MC from our IVF attempt. we haven’t shared this with anyone and carrying this privately is taking a toll. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I know 20 yes 20 pregos right now due in 2012. of course I’m happy for these ladies, but a part of me is in SO much pain that i can’t bare it. i may have to take myself off FB. it is just too painful. i have one friend that knows a little bit of what we are going through and yet she still continues to tell me how miserably sick she is with her third. :grr: I WANT TO BE miserably sick and prego!!! yes. i’ll take the nausea…weight gain, and everything else and promise not to complain. Thank you for the laugh and hopefully 2012 is our year too! xo :pray: :grouphug:


So sorry for you loss! :grouphug: And I believe you that you know 20 pg pregnant. I started couting shortly after our miscarriage 3 years ago, and we’re over 70 new babies since we lost ours. I’ve lost count, there are so many. Facebook just makes it harder. And what’s worse for me, is that I know multilple couples who have had 2 or even 3 kids since our miscarriage 3 years ago. Why is it so easy for some, and so darn difficult for others!


OnlyNeed1, thank you so much. and i’m so sorry for your loss. it’s so hard to accept. Sorry, I’m new to this page and not sure how to add history to signature or copy or do anything. I’m feeling some comfort in reading all your posts. i’m feeling quite devastated and not sure how to move on. we have limited sperm on hand. DH had cancer last year and we had very minimal time to ‘make a deposit’. we also came to find out that my egg count is low. what a blow. 2011 crushed me. they are suggesting egg donor, but i really don’t want to do this. our insurance does not cover any of it…and the cost of all of this is too much. i’m so lost right now. i’m praying for a little miracle for me and all of you. baby dust baby dust. blessings to all. :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


Only- I have to admit I have wanted to post that same message time and time again on fb, but even when you say that some people have their heads so far up their popper that they STILL wouldn’t understand. Some people are not good at putting themselves in other people’s shoes.

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I am sorry to hear about your dh and hope all is well for both of you! 2012 is your year!!!


…that I am bored out of my mind!! I’ve spent the last two days on the couch, watching at least 12 different movies, and all in hopes that our only remaining “Grade 3” blasts take off. Six of our embryos stopped progressing at day 3, and the other remaining two were basically at the point right before the RE wouldn’t have transferred, or at least that is how we took it when they explained it.

Luckily, my SIL didn’t ask again about the trivia night, and I’ve somehow been able to keep myself from giving away that I’ve been off work for the last two weeks. But, while she was enjoying her trivia night, I’m crossing my legs while sneezing, hoping nothing pops loose from where it might have potentially begun burrowing!! :wink:


BabyMelRich - It does feel good to vent. I hate when people complain about their kids & when I ask them if they could change things and not have them would they. Well, they always say NO as they love them. Some people don’t realize what they have & how others struggle so much to try and have a baby. All the poking, proding, meds, emotional ups & downs and constant hospital visits when all it took them was one intimate night.
When you said about your family if they could support you instead of give opinions hit close to home. When I realized I could not get pregnant on our own and we were told about IVF and decided to do it I was so excited. That I still had a chance made me so hopeful and when I called to tell my mom instead of being encouraging she was negative. Told me how it hurts (not that she did it), how for some it takes several times and that I could gain weight. My family has chosen to ignore what I am going through and so I pretty much don’t speak to them.
Like you, I did not know I was infertile, so when we started trying I was shocked to find out that it may never happen. We have to try and believe and hope that the next time will be the one. Best wishes to you.

Believing - Sorry for your loss.

Only - GL for BFP.


…how badly my left cheek hurts from PIO shots…just sayin’ :wink:


Ladies, thank you. i appreciate your kind words. Best of luck to you all.


…that the BEST part of a failed IVF is all of the additional bills that will come over the next month + for blood tests, etc. Fun times.


The bills from an unsuccesfull IVF are like a kick in the teeth…or ovaries. it’s just horrible!!


…that the pain of not conceiving will probably never go away, and therefore, a 1st birthday party with other babies, watching everyone be so excited to watch my baby cousin eat his cake is heartbreaking for me.


if only…

[B][I]if only my family and friends know…[/I][/B]

… that we’ve been trying for years now but without luck (instead of what they think: that we are just taking our time and enjoying our “single days”)

… that i just want to punch people in the face when they ask “why” we dont have kids… none of your business!!!

… that i dont want to hear that their children kept them up at night, or was throwing a tantrum the day before

… that although i love playing and spending time w/ my nephews and friends’ kids, that im crying inside thinking and hoping they were my kids

… that the reason i moved jobs was not for “new and better experience” but that working w/ pregnany mothers feels like my heart was being cut in a million pieces by an old and rusty dirty knife *every single time

… that ive cried so many times, i dont even know how it feels to be happy anymore

… that i pray everynight that we can start a family but if that’s not the plan, then to give me strength for whatever HIS plan is for us (because i dont know how much more i can handle)

… that i cant help thinking about having children every second of everyday

… how much it hurts and i can barely breathe…


Zoey, I completely hear you! I’m thinking about sharing this with family and friends: Infertility Etiquette RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

The emotions of this whole journey hit me at the most random times, and they can be breathtaking. But, no one gets that if they haven’t been there. Good luck to you! I’m not sure what our plan is now. We can’t really afford another round of IVF without a loan, and now after the failed round, we can’t afford adoption either. No one gets that aspect of this whole struggle if they haven’t been there, either. I have yet to tell my parents that our IVF round failed. How do you tell someone, “you know how I cashed out a life insurance policy to use for IVF…yeah, the IVF didn’t work.”?


hi [B]OnlyNeed1[/B], sorry to hear about your journey. i can only imagine how hard it will be to tell your parents.

wish you luck and strength to get through this.


It baffels me how these girls never stop complaining about their symp of being :preg: I am happy for the people who dont have to go throught IF but I have sworn that if God will bless me with a child I will take the hardest pregnancy in the world and throw up with a smile on my face…

Just am sooo glad that I am not the only person feeling this way (i really love this site :slight_smile:



I think everyone should read this/share this article. Everyone knows someone who is struggling. If all of those people knew how to respond to all of us, maybe we’d all have a slightly easier time of it.

Infertility Etiquette RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association


[quote=OnlyNeed1]I think everyone should read this/share this article. Everyone knows someone who is struggling. If all of those people knew how to respond to all of us, maybe we’d all have a slightly easier time of it.

Infertility Etiquette RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association[/quote]

EVERYONE needs to read this… all soo true :clap:


Hi this is my first post. I am so glad I found this, there is finally a place where I can go where other people understand me. Onlyneed1 I hope things get better for you. The way your posts are written made me laugh when all I do is cry so thank you. I don’t know anyone personally that is going through this so I have a feeling I’m going to be on here a lot. I’ve been ttc for the last couple years every negative pt gets harder and harder. I went to a re in December and this is my first month with follistum I’m on cd12 and tomorrow I do my trigger shot. My stomach is all black and blue from the shots. I am already sick of the ultrasounds every other day it is just plain awkward. Sorry for rambling I have no one else to talk to
Good luck everyone :pray:


puglove :welcome: !! I’m sorry that you are a member of the infertility club but there are so many great people on these boards that can support and help you. You may want to check out several of the different links to find people who are in the same cycle you are or same age or same issues, etc. Sending lots of :grouphug: and :pray: your way and hoping you get your :bfp: soon!!!