Illinois best ivf center,no insurance


i moved to illinois 2 years ago i had ivf in boston and have frozen embryos i would like to know which are the best ivf centers in the chicago area and also we have private insurance so it dosnt cover infertility treatment so what is the best way to finance ivf cycles i would really appreciate ur input ladies i feel lost and desperate not knowing where to start


I am an ob/gyne doc myself and did my residency training in Chicago. I worked with FCI (Fertility Center of Illinois), mostly at the downtown location. I moved to Kentucky and am having issues myself, going to an RE in Cincinnati, but am thinking about going back to Chicago for IVF if things don’t pan out here. Dr. Angeline Beltsos is one of the most amazing and intelligent people I’ve ever met. Her entire center and staff are wonderful in my opinion. Dr. Feinberg has worked with 2 of my friends and was successful with them. Dr. Kaplan is also fantastically smart - he was the first RE that Juliana and Bill Rancic used before having to move on to Colorado, and I think she had a pregnancy with IVF but miscarried. I am pretty sure they have a money-back-guarantee program as well if you meet certain criteria. I have not personally used FCI, but again, have personally worked with them and am considering going to Dr. Beltsos in the near future. Good luck!!


Ash13 thank u for replying u really helped wish u a Bfp soon


any othe illinois ladies can share their experience?


what wrong with this forum i havnt visited for a long time why i cant see any topics