I'm 31. My RE just said "Your eggs are so damaged it's as if you had chemotherapy."


So I want to vent about my RE, but also ask if anyone has a similar story. Also, I am hoping people will say my RE is crazy and I should continue to have hope. My DH and I have only been TTC for 4 months! In May my IVF cycle was cancelled due to poor response. In June, we did IVF again and got 7 eggs and it ended in a chemical pregnancy. None of the eggs made it to freeze. I have very low AMH and Hashimoto’s and endo (mild). My RE is relying solely on those factors plus the results of the 2 IVF cycles to say “because he is an optimist” he is giving me “one more chance”. ONE MORE CHANCE? Is he crazy? who is he to tell me how many more chances I am going to take? He then proceeded to say that my eggs are so damaged and it is as if I had chemotherapy (which I haven’t had). I feel like that was extreme what he had to say. I have read some people post that their RE’s keep trying to find the golden egg. Especially since I young. I plan on switching RE’s if IVF doesn’t work at the end of month. Thanks for listening. Good luck to all.


I do not blame you for being upset with the way your RE handled sharing his opinion about your eggs. I am older than you, but my RE was optimistic about my egg quality because my ovaries looked so good and I had 3 successful pregnancies. Our 1st cycle we had 3 eggs, 2 fertilized. I got pregnant and lost the baby at 8 weeks. My 2nd cycle we retrieved 2 eggs, neither fertilized. My RE was willing to keep trying to find our "golden egg’. but it was our suggestion that we move to donor egg. Now that we are pregnant with twins, I can’t help but wonder why the RE didn’t recommend DE after the 1st attempt. Your RE was harsh in the way he explained it, but I would prefer someone be honest with me about my chances of success. There is so much at stake financially and emotionally I would want to armed with as much information as possible.
Good Luck to you!


I am so sorry that they were cruel to you. Doctors are so busy trying to get to the next patient that they forget that what is standing in front of them is a human being. Full of flesh, blood, hopes, dreams and emotions. They don’t understand how a simple sentence has the ability to unravel our entire world. I sometimes wish that people like that you could hook up to an empathy machine, just so that for 30 seconds they could feel what this is like. Then maybe they would think before they opened their insensitive traps.