I'm a surrogate--any questions, just ask!


Just wanted to throw this out there (though a few threads did an excellent job already of explaining how it works :slight_smile: )

I’m a gestational surrogate on my first journey. We transferred 2 embryo’s on 10/22–my BETA is on Friday, so I’m excited to find out!

If you have any questions or need any advice, please let me know :slight_smile:


Our surro (my SIL) had the transfer of 2 embryos on the 20th. Beta is on Monday…we are dying here! lol…we aren’t having her test until Sunday. She had some spotting last night (Tuesday) with some cramping and backache. Nothing today. Did you have anything like that? Have you tested?


I did POAS at 8dp5dt and it was negative, so I’m kinda bummin’ about it.

I did the blood work for the BETA this morning, so I’m just waiting for the results on that.

Kinda lost hope, though :frowning:


Do we have an update? Our surro tested today and was neg…beta is tomorrow!


BETA came back negative, also…so we’re trying again. Transfer date is January 26!! Gonna probably transfer 3 this time!


Beta is on Monday…we are dying here!


I was wondering if you could tell me the process of the medical evaluation and the process for transfer including the weeks prior to transfer. I’m a surrogate that has been matched through an agency. This will be my first journey. I’m also concerned that with the birth I will be pressured into something that I don’t believe in. I guess I just need to talk to some one that has already been through the process. My mind is exploding with concern right now and I can’t find any one or any where to explain everything and get feed back that makes sense and is knowledgable.


Try surromomsonline.com, there’s a lot more activity and info for surros there.