I'm Back!


Well I am back. I haven’t posted in years, since when I got pregnant with my daughter. All my info from the last round about was still in my signature so I updated it a bit, but you can see my journey in a nutshell with her there. Now we are TTC #2 and I see my RE on February 10th to see what we need to do to get it done! I will keep this short for now, we will get to know each other more through our journeys but I just wanted to let you all know I’ll be creeping around and posting. I’d love to hear some of your stories if you want to give me a quick intro of yourselves. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Krissersroro! Welcome :slight_smile: I read through your signature and see some similarities.

I am the “admin”, but call myself Clove on here. My husband and I have been TTC for 3 years and I am in my early 30’s. My sisters/other females in my family are all fertile-mertile (which I’m so glad for! I adore my nieces and nephews!) but Drs. have never been able to tell me whats going on with me. I took the max amount of clomid in a year (upping the MG like yours 100, 150, 200) without ever ovulating. They tested for thyroid, PCOS, etc. but they couldn’t see signs of any issues outside of me being a little overweight. My husband tested great, thankfully. Due to my husband being a student still (finances), we took a break for Drs. and tests when we moved states last September. We are getting back into it and hoping things work out soon. I’m looking at your signature of what you did previous to Layla being born and I’m hoping the new Dr. will have some insight into a similar formula working for me. I personally think it’s a hormone imbalance and/or PCOS (even though they haven’t seen cysts). I think some HCG would do me good. We’ll see…

Hoping #2 comes soon for you :slight_smile: Glad you already have some insight on what works for you! I’m sure you’re really looking forward to 2/10/15!


Howdy ladies! I’m back as well! This site saw me through my first IVF and I was so sad that it was down through my 2nd that ended with a BFN. Looking to try again shortly with a new clinic. Its nice to see this site up and running again.


Welcome SuzyQ! Glad you came back and found the site alive this time :slight_smile:
When do you think you’ll be doing your IVF?