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My husband and I having been TTC for about a year and have not been able to get PG (hope I’m using these abbreviations right). After a Vaginal US & BW I was diagnosed with PCOS, Low Estrogen, high Prolactin levels, & hypothyroidism. (I was in tears finding out I had so many problems. I’ve been placed on Progesterone pills used during my cycle, daily Synthroid, & Dostinex twice weekly. My Dr. said with the meds I could poss get PG but I just want to know if anyone else has had same or similar problems I have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


:welcome: elc2112!

I too was diagnosed with PCOS, elevated prolactin and hypothyroidism. Luckily for you they found yours fairly quick.

My OB/Gyn discovered my PCOS about 4yrs ago when I first sought treatment for infertility. Then after nearly two years with him spinning my wheels I switched to an RE who discovered my elevated prolactin. Then about 6 months after that we moved to a new State so I switched RE’s and my new RE insisted on a new thyroid panel even though I had just had one a couple months previous to our moving and it being fine.

It just so happened that I did my thyroid panel in the morning whereas in all my other bloodwork I had always done in the afternoon. Apparently this is one of the main reason’s HypoT can be missed because TSH is at it’s highest level first thing in the morning so if one is like me and has a level that is say 8 it can be a 3 or 4 by the afternoon and thus not be considered elevated when it actually is it just isn’t caught at it’s elevated level. Anyway, I lucked out because that was right before my IVF and had they not caught it then I probably wouldn’t be nearly 35wks pregnant now.

It has been a LONG journey for us, but soooo worth it in the end.

After going through all this my little sister also starting having some of the same symptoms as I so I told her about my experience and she sought help right away (she had been trying for a year without success to get pregnant). She too was diagnosed with PCOS and HypoT. She was put on Metformin and then a couple months later when they discovered her HypoT she was given Synthroid. She got pregnant the month following the start of her Synthroid and is now approx. 24wks pregnant with her first.

SO…although many have very different paths to conception you certainly seem to be on the same meds as her and I were with the same diagnosis we had shortly before getting our BFP’s. So with all things being equal and assuming there are no other issues yet to be discovered I have faith that your Docs have you on the right meds and you will get your BFP soon. :cross:

Sending you lots of :babydust: :babydust: !!


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[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]That’s so wonderful to know. Congrats on your pregnancy as well as your sister’s! Thank you very much for sharing. You have given me much hope![/FONT][/SIZE]
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