I'm new here, and would love to have someone to relate to


I have PCOS. My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years with no luck. My body does not ovulate on its own so I have to take provera every month to start a cycle. My doctor has tried to put me on Metformin but all it did was make my sugar drops causing me to be sick all of the time. We’ve also tried Clomid, the first round 50mg and the 2nd and 3rd round 100mg… and the bloodwork showed no ovulation. Now my Doc is wanting to send me to a Specialist… and it scares me because I don’t know what to expect (besides a drained bank account):grr: I’ll almost 23, so all I hear from family and friends is YOUR YOUNG, you have plenty of time!.. Well honestly it irritates me when they say that because I want kids NOW. And they don’t understand how it feels to go through the stress, imbalanced horemones and depression of not being able to conceive a child. Is there anyone out there that can give me advice? What to expect? Because as you all know, the last thing we want to hear is… “My friends cousins bf’s sister-in law has the same thing as you and she got preggo!”… Right?

BTW: I had laproscopic Sx (May 2012) and my tubes were not blocked


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I was and am still in the same boat. I also have PCOS. I wouldn’t have a period for over 6 months if it wasn’t for Provera. Even after Provera, it would take almost 2 weeks for me to have a period.

Also, I was taking metformin when trying for my first. I do remember not liking the way it made me feel. If I recall, I split the dose throughout the day so I wasn’t getting hit hard. Also, I found cutting out caffiene helped (I was addicted to coffee).

I see you’re stressed about seeing a reproductive endocrinologist, but to be honest, my GYN would never have been able to get me pregnant. Clomid didn’t work for me and thickened my CM so TI was pointless. I had to move to injectables and with that to IUI as well. My GYN couldn’t assist with that. It sounds like Clomid is useless for you as well. You may have to move up to injectables, but you and your RE will have more control over your cycle.

As for family, I didn’t discuss any of this with them. I only told those I knew would understand. Unfortunately, I’ve found that despite family wanting to help they really don’t know what to say. And they don’t understand why you don’t like the insensitive thing they said.

I know this seems rambling. I just want you to know you are not alone. I was definitely where you are, and if you look at my siggie, you’ll see there is hope. You will have your:bfp: . And if you ever need to vent or need someone to ease your worries, we’re here.:grouphug: This forum always helped me. If you have questions, you can always PM me. Wishing you lots of :bsv: !!


Thank you for the reply and support!

I am the same way with the provera, it takes my body forever to have a cycle with it. I still have 3 more rounds of clomid that my GYN said I could try IF I wanted to… but I think im going to leave that up to the RE. Im curious about the injectables, do you have to do those everyday? Are they trigger shots are old fashioned needles and vials? Thanks again for replying! :nerd:


How many cycles have you done with Clomid? My RE said if 3 doesn’t work, it’s rare that more would. Also, during your clomid cycles, is your GYN monitoring your follicle size? I responded poorly to clomid. I would take the 5 days of clomid, return for monitoring, and find that my follicles still weren’t large enough for ovulation. I’d then have to take a lot more clomid before finally having a good follicle size for ovulation. You may have the same problem, since we seem to respond similarly to Provera. The fun side effect of Clomid in larger doses is that it would thin my uterine lining and thicken my cervical mucus making fertilization and implantation difficult.

As for injectibles, it depends on the medication your RE prescribes. There are different brands of FSH. I now take Follistim. It comes in a multidose vial that I plug into an injector so I don’t have to draw up doses. When I took Bravelle, that came in a vial. Don’t worry about medication administration though. Most fertility clinics have a class on administering injectable medications. They’ll show you have to draw it up, inject it, and store it. As for how often you take it, I do one injection on days 3, 4, and 5 of my cycle. Return on day 6 for bloodwork and ultrasound. Based on those results, they determine how many more injections before another follow up ultrasound and bloodwork. We repeat this dance until I have at least one mature follicle. Then I administer a dose of Ovidrel, which causes me to ovulate. 36 hours after the Ovidrel, I return for an IUI. The day after the IUI, I start Prometrium twice a day (Us PCOSers tend to have low progesterone levels, which can cause a miscarriage if we do become pregnant. My RE chooses to prophylactically start progesterone. There’s no harm in it, but it’s a tiny pain in the butt. I have to insert them vaginally twice a day and you expel discharge throughout the day. It’s kinda messy.) 2 weeks after the IUI, the RE does a blood HCG level. If pregnant, I continue the prometrium for the first trimester, then stop. If not pregnant, I stop the prometrium, wait for AF, then start all over for another cycle. I know this may seem overwhelming, but your RE and RN coordinator will guide you. Plus, I’m here for any questions that I may be able to help you out with.


Geez… that’s a lot of work! I’ve taken 3 rounds of clomid with no ovulation. And no, my GYN wasn’t checking my follicles… he did the bear minimum apparently… :af: But I scheduled an apt with an RE and there is a 4 month waiting period, but someone canceled and I got their apt:nerd: so I saw him on 7/31. He did a ton of bloodwork to “make sure” I have PCOS and he says I do. My Insulin showed high and so did my cholesterol (which has never been high EVER before.) But he is not putting me on Metformin again thank God :pray: . So his plan is to keep me on the provera, and starting me on letrozole. I hope it works! I don’t know much about letrozole other than what I googled, so fingers crossed… :cross: Have you used letrozole before?


The bare minimum is really all OBs are qualified to do; most of them don’t do monitoring or anything like that. Even if you weren’t trying to get pregnant, it would be good to be in the care of an RE for your PCOS, but especially when you are TTC they will be able to do a lot more for you.


Yea… I’m glad I got in with my RE! I’m on day 2 of provera and then I start the letrozole in a few days. I’m super nervous! Hopefully the side effects arent too bad