Immediate cramping post blast transfer


Hi all, i was wondering if anyone has experienced in a good way, cramping after transfer. this morning 2 blasts were transferred and i started having mild cramping on and off fairly soon afterwards and still am. i can’t remember if this happened before with a transfer. the 5 day blasts were ok enough to transfer but RE said due to my age the quality decreases. i dont get my blood hcg until 5/15 so it’s going to be a long 8 days!

thanks in advanced.


Hopefully someone can answer better first hand, but since no one has yet - I would say I have definitely read this on here so I don’t believe it’s really that uncommon. I’d say just try and stay relaxed… cuz like that’s really easy to do! haha

GOOD LUCK! :bsv:


A LOT of cramping, pulling, even sharp sudden pains… Had all of that, as you, starting from the moment of ET. Was affraid of ectopic, UTI… And, as you can see from my signature, the cause of my pain are (the most probably) twins :slight_smile:

Good luck!!!