Implantation and snowboarding


Last month, after my IUI, I ‘took it easy.’ All I got for that was a BFN.
My husband would like to go snowboarding next Thursday; this is around the time implantation should happen (if it were going to). Is going snowboarding a bad idea?


If you had an IUI, then I would say don’t go snowboarding. If you’re gong all natural, then I say go for it! The chances of it hurting anything or preventing you from getting pregnant are probably very slim, but I wouldn’t risk it during an IUI cycle. I have the same issues with running, tennis, snowboarding, etc… I just want to get pregnant so then I know I can’t do those things!


My RE told me that I shouldn’t so anything high impact…not sure if that includes snowboarding…he said the clomid enlarges the ovaries and there’s a chance they could twist…small chance though…But I have played soccer throughout this journey andI’m fine