Implantation signs?


what have you had?


I had IB bleed on day 12 which was very light pink an then nothing more but for weeks I had lots of cramping alone with on a certain day I had a pulling like in my uterus area…I had other things going on but would have to search my notes about my TWW…

Good Luck… :paw:


That’s what I had, cramping and pulling.
Sounds good to me!!


I am having the pulling feeling too, just started back up again last night! So glad this can be a promising sign!


Dont worry if you dont have any signs. With my 3 pregnancies (one was a MC though) I really didn’t have any implantation signs. Not all women have them.


With my triplets I had 3 sharp cramps that lasted a minute or so. Then I had strong AF cramps for an hour. I was also charting my bbt and had a implantation dip. Other than that nothing. No pregnancy symptoms until 6-7 weeks along.