Important Question regarding ultrasound on specific cycle day


Hello all,
I am beginning the journey of ttc. I have PCOS but for the last two months I have been using OPKs and Clearblue easy fertility monitor and I actually ovulate on my own which is beyond shocking to me. My question is my doctor’s protocol is call on CD1 to schedule an US for CD11. I will be one 100 mg of Clomid from CD3-7. This brings me to the date of next wednesday. My question is I do not work on Fridays and I am trying to save up vacation/personal leave/sick time for when I do the actual IUI and if God sees it so maternity leave. Can I request I have an US on CD 13 rather than CD 11. My clinic does US first thing in morning and I have to be to work at 7:00 A.M. Is there a specific reason it is day 11.

According the my monitoring of ovulation, I usually ovulate around CD 19-21. I will call my doc and ask if morning but was curious to see if I can ask them to do it 2 days later.

Thanks for all your help!!!


They like to do u/s around cd10-cd12 so that they don’t miss ovulation.

I think I usually ovulate around cd16, and for my first IUI I went on cd12 for u/s and to my surprise, I was already ready, and did IUI on cd13. Re says Clomid, and other drugs make your follicles ready sooner and therefore shorten your cycle, so it doesn’t matter when you normally ovulate.

But to answer your question…yes you probably could request that you go on cd13 instead… And that would probably be okay. If you go on cd11 and your follies aren’t ready, you more than likely would go back on cd13 anyways…

Good luck to you whatever you decide.


Well is this your first time on Clomid? You may ovulate around CD19-21 but the Clomid may actually make you ovulate sooner. I doubt it would be that soon but anything could happen and you would be really dissappointed if you missed ovulation and had to skip a cycle. I have been through many treatments and am currently taking a 1 month break and just discovered that this morning i ovulated on my own for the first time in life i think. This is CD18 for me and on the meds i usually ovulate anywhere from CD12-15. I really think all the meds regulated me. Are you on metformin as well?


I would definitely go in on CD11 so you don’t miss ovulation! I was ready at CD12 on my last IUI, and CD11 this time. I usually ovulate around CD14-17 without Clomid.


I also have PCOS and just finished my 1st round of clomid and IUI. In my natural cycles I ovulate anywhere between the 20th-35th day or so.

Clomid can change the ovulation timings in your cycle - so they have to check the follicle sizes soon after you finish your clomid dose. They checked me on CD12. And then asked me to come in 2 more times to accurately pinpoint ovulation time based on follicular growth. I ovulated on CD19 (I think).

My RE said that they would have to do this only in the 1st cycle. Now that they know how I respond, they will ask me to show up for u/s around CD16 in my future cycles on clomid.

My RE also says that statistically women with longer natural cycles tend to ovulate a little later than CD14/15. So if you put up with the schedule this one time, maybe you do not have to in future - although I really hope you get BFP the 1st time and do not have to require more cycles :slight_smile:


They say ovulation occurs 5-10 days after the last pill… I wouldn’t risk it personally!


Yeah I decided just to do CD11. So I go in next Wednesday at 730 and do bloodwork and US and see what happens. I am on metformin ER 2000mg and have been for probably last year or so. I have been taking it regularly for about 9 months or so. I have only been monitoring my ovulation last 2 months bc it never occurred to me that I could ovulate on my own but in Sept I had this horrible cramping pain and I thought it was my period coming on early but it was constant so I called the nurse line and she said I may want to go in to the hospital bc it hurt so bad. My friend said why don’t you take an OPK and I did and what do you know it had 2 lines. I was shocked bc I had been using the dip OPKS and they never said I was ovulating but luckily I had a dollar store one and it said I was and that was around cycle day 15. I got dark lines up until cycle day 18. Well I went and bought the clearplan fertility monitor for my next cycle bc I thought maybe it was just a fluke so I began using it last month and it said on CD9 I had high fertility and on CD 20-21 I had peak fertility so I confirmed it with 5 other OPK tests and I was like wow I do ovulate on my own.

My cycles generally run about 30-33 days so I will see what happens next Wednesday. And if I have to go back on CD13 it will be good because I already have that day off of work.

Thank you for all your responses. Not really feeling nervous yet. A little annoyed bc my friend who swore she was infertile because she couldnt get pregnant after being off the pill for 2 months told me she was pregnant today. Lol this is after she told us all last week she had to go to the doctor to have her explain how to get pregnant bc she thought having sex one time a month would do it (lol don’t even ask) and shes kinda a hypochondriac so she wanted me to jump up for joy for her and I said congrats now leave me alone I am working. I think I hurt her feelings and I am sorry for that but she wanted to get pregnant bc everyone else was getting pregnant and her husband has told her repeatedly he was not interested in having a baby bc he was abused as a child and is scared he will abuse the baby so sorry to go off on a tangent but I am happy she is happy but I am not happy about the situation.

But anyway thank you all for the replies. I really appreciate it. I was confused and from some of your responses I am also seeing it is ok to be on Clomid even if you ovulate on your own which is another thing I was worried about. I will be reading the forum fanatically and updating you all as well. Now since I have killer cramps and feel like kicking someone I am going to lay down.