Improving egg quality


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I read an interesting article today about improving egg quality. I will give you the link here, please do have a look

Dr.Malpani’s Blog: An expert patient reviews the medical literature on how to improve egg quality


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Dr Malpani’s website is very informative. Any1 know about him? Please share yout experience. He seems to provide free second opinion too.


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Your article about improving egg quality is really nice. I have read many articles about fertility treatments but this one is very good in explaining about improving egg quality. I have also refer below link for different fertility treatments for infertility:


Thank you for sharing the information about egg quality. It is really helpful for people who are infertile or are getting infertility treatment.


Thanks for sharing this. I’ve got to tell a couple of things too.~
As for the egg retrieval. Aspeculum is placed by doc to clean the vaginal area with warmsaline. Then a vaginal ultrasound probe is used to identify theovaries. An aspiration needle attached to the probe is used topenetrate the vaginal wall and enter the ovaries to remove the eggand follicular fluid from each of the follicles. Doc firstaspirates one ovary, then moves on to the next. The length of thisprocess depends on how many follicles are in each ovary. This processtypically takes 5-10 minutes. Once all the follicles have beenaspirated, the vaginal area is cleaned, the speculum is removed andthe procedure is complete.
Fromthe OR you will go to the recovery area. You will wake up from theanesthesia within 5-10 minutes after the surgery. Some patients feelnauseated and this is normal. If you experience nausea, you should tellyour recovery nurse immediately so they can give you some medication inyour IV to alleviate the nausea. Abdominal cramping is normal and tobe expected. As soon as you are awake and can eat a small snack youwill be offered some pain medication. Your husband/partner will beable to come back to join you in recovery once you are awake andready for a visitor. You will spend about an hour in recovery. In this way clinic wants to make sure your pain is minimal and you have had plenty offluids by the time you are discharged. You will need to arrange fortransportation after your retrieval as you are not allowed to driveyourself home. You need to go straight home/hotel to finishrecovering. It will take several hours for the anesthesia tocompletely wear off. You will be tired and should be resting for theremainder of the day. More likely you will receive a prescription for Tylenol #3with codeine for pain. Be sure to eat a small meal or snack beforetaking pain medication. Narcotics can make you very nauseous if takenon an empty stomach. Expect abdominal cramping and bloating for up toa week after your retrieval. The severity of symptoms can varygreatly between patients. It may take a couple weeks for your ovariesto return to normal size. If bloating and discomfort increases overthe 7-10 days after your retrieval, you should let your nurse coordinatorknow. You are able to resume normal activity the day after your procedure astolerated. Abstain from intercourse until after your pregnancytest if you have a transfer, or 1 week following retrieval if youdon’t have a transfer. Avoid high-impact activities untilyour ovaries have returned to normal size. DO NOT USEANTIHISTAMINES, IBUPROFEN/ADVIL, ALEVE, ASPIRIN OR OTHERNON-STEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY MEDICATIONS. These will blockprostaglandin production which is involved in the implantation process. Tylenol is safe and may be taken for pain relief if needed. Hope this helps