Improving egg quality


During our post failed IVF consult, the RE said that my eggs didn’t look that great. She said to reduce stress. What else can be done to improve egg quailty? She also gave me a list of supplements I will need to start taking.


Hello. I am so sorry you are going through this. Hopefully I can help a little…

I was diagnosed with DOR, FSH 14.6/AMH 0.76 in April of 2011. Since then we have tried 4 IUIs with 2 m/cs, and we just completed our first IVF cycle. There are a few things that can be anecdotally done to improve egg quality-but there really isn’t much research to back most of it up. Most importantly, find a RE that specializes in high FSH/low AMH/poor quality/responders and will be supportive of complementary therapies.

The other thing to remember is that what you do right now to improve quality will be reflected in the eggs that mature in about 3 cycles-it takes a while for the effects to be felt.

That being said, here’s what I’ve been doing…
-Co Q10 (ubiquinol) 400mg 2x/day
-Vitamin D3 2000units daily. Get your Vit D levels checked before supplementing, as it is fat soluble and can become toxic if you take too much
-Aspirin 81mg daily
-Vit B Complex daily
-Folic acid 1mg 3x/day
-DHEA (micronized) 25mg daily
-daily prenatal vitamin with DHA
-wheatgrass daily
-weekly acupuncture
-daily meditation
-yoga 4x/week
-juicing lots of vegetables
-eliminating toxic chemicals and food in the house-went organic for everything I could.

It might sound like a lot of work, but it was very doable and I just incorporate it into my daily routine. I did all of this for 3 months before my IVF cycle. You can see how the cycle turned out in my siggy!

The most important thing is that hope is not lost. Read the book Inconceivable by Julia Indochova, it was a great source of inspiration for me.

Sorry to get long, just wanted to share what has worked for me. Good luck to you!


Hard to follow up such a great response by HaitiRN…while I did not do as much as she did (only because of lack of knowledge), I was told to incorporate DHEA and CoQ10 along with my prenatals. Additionally, I have been trying to eat all organic as well and more healthy. Good luck!!!


My cousin’s wife recently did a last ditch attempt final IVF and changed a lot of things before her last attempt, taking 3 months off these are the things she believed helped her:

1- quit coffee
2- quit alcohol
3- slept a minimum of 7 hours per night
4- drank a minimum of 64 oz of water every day
5- stopped using toxic body products and replaced them with more natural alternatives
6- stopped mani’s and pedi’s and highlights
7- added in acupuncture 2x per week
8- began taking certain herbs and supplements: essential fatty acids, cinnamon, astragalus,
maca, raw garden of life prenatal, camu camu, vitex, d-pinitol, Q10, some blue/green algae thing (she suggests looking up each of these and deciding what people think is right for them, this is what made sense for her particular situation)
9- meditation
10- drank a fresh juice (or two) every day
11- drank a green smoothie usually once per day
12- diet consisted of 90% veggies. Would sautee veggies of all kinds every night for dinner. Mixed w barley
13- No gluten
14- No added sugar in any of my food, except for dark chocolate, which was my cheat when I absolutely needed it
15- No processed foods whatsoever.

As far as toxic body products, she switched out her deodorant, shampoo, lotions, toothpaste and soap. Stopped using any sprays that weren’t pure essential oils mixed with water. I got rid of any product that said ‘fragrance’ on it, as well as anything with sodium laureth (or laurel) sulfate. Cut out anything with phthalates.

I know this sounds like a lot, but she was at her last chance, and so she went all in and it worked. Maybe these things were the thing that helped, maybe they weren’t, there isn’t really anyway to tell. But she has a 3 1/2 month old beautiful baby boy now.