Hi…glad this site seems to be up and running again, I found it so valuable with our first TTC journey! DH and I are actively TTC #2. DD was born June 2013 after a successful IUI. We never went back on BC after and have gradually gotten more intentional over time. We are holding off on returning to the RE until January because of our job schedules and finances. Anyone out there in similar circumstances? I was hoping to not have to go this route a second time, but am not terribly surprised, either


Me and my DH have been TTC #1 since 2008! I am SO happy this site it back up!! We are currently licensed foster parents with intent to adopt :slight_smile: we are ready for a 2nd opinion which i’m thinking will be after the new year as well! Best of luck to you!


Thank you for being here :slight_smile:


Hello Ladies,

I too am soooo happy this site is up and running again! We had our DD after two failed fresh rounds of IVF (I got pregnant both times but lost both) and she was our last frozen egg!!

I am so eager to start for baby number 2, but we can’t afford IVF at this time. I have picked up a part time job in hopes to pay off our debts (God willing by the end of this year) and we can get the IVF ball rolling!


Hi, My Dd is almost two, and I conceived her with my second mini ivf. I’ve been TTC naturally for more than a year now for #2. I’m scared to go through ivf again bc it’s so emotionally draining, and also cost is our biggest factor. But I’ve never conceived naturally so I’m willing to look into it again.


As excited as I am about the possibility of having another little one, you are so right bbe! I didn’t realize how much time and effort it takes. I guess when you are in the middle of it, you don’t get the whole picture until you step back. For instance we have to drive 100 miles one way to our clinic. Or how you have to be home every night at the same time to take a shot! The things we did (do) for our little ones!! Good luck with everything! Keep us posted!


I am SO happy this sight is up and running again too, I have found it super helpful in feeling support along our journey. We also racked up a lot of debt with all of our treatments which thankfully due to my job as a beachbody coach I was able to pay it off last month…

We were blessed with the adoption of our DS in July.13…after loosing weight in the past 5 months and focusing on myself part of me still hopes that I might still get pregnant on our own…although there is a small chance we are tossing around the idea of another IVF…we shall see what 2015 brings:)


Glad you are here! We are still kicking ourselves that the site was down so long. We appreciate you spreading the word to any friends or FB groups that relate, so we get a big support team going here for everyone again :slight_smile:
Congrats on your weight loss Shell, I’m working on that myself for fertility right now. All the best to everyone on current or future rounds or wherever you are in the journey right now!


Great news on my end!!! Well, I started getting new cases with my part time job ( I am a Social Worker, but I took a less stressful job but for some reason I miss the “action” of Social Work, so I am doing this job, but I am not as “hands on” if that makes sense :-)~ ) anyway, it started out slow and now I am up to seven cases which will bring in an extra $2,600 a month!!! Which means I can have all of my credit card debt paid off by the end of the year (God Willing) and maybe this time next year we can start working on baby number two (or three) I would like to put two in but the hubby is not a fan of that idea. Anyway, I hope you ladies had a great Holiday Season!!! I am starting to get the baby bug. I just pray that when we all start treatments, that they work the first time!!! This infertility crap is for the birds haha!!! Happy New Year!!!


Congrats Still Hopeful! That’s awesome news. I’ve also got baby fever, and if God makes a way, I’m thinking to try ivf again in the spring.


It looks like exiting things are on the horizon for you all!
Stillhopeful08 I think I word-for-word said the same thing to my husband last week “this infertility crap is for the birds! haha!”


Congrats, StillHopeful! I’m a social worker too, I totally get it :wink:

We have our consult with the RE scheduled for the 19th…yippee skippee! It’s time, but I’m not exactly excited about the shots and the prying around in my lady parts and whatnot…


LRM79, that is great that you have an appointment set!!! You’ll be pregnant before you know it ! Can’t wait to follow your progress during this crazy, hormonal, exciting journey!

So one thing about my new part time job… I have to wait for the insurance company’s to pay me! Lord have mercy they move slower than molasses!!! But the good thing is I know the checks are coming… Eventually! My goal remains to have my credit cards paid off by the end of the year. The baby bug is soooo there, but I’m trying to hold it at bay. But I guess I can’t do much until I can pay for it so that helps keeping it at bay ! Keep us posted ladies!!!


Hi, dear. I’m among in-betweeners too. We’ve gone through several IVF cycles and recently it turned out that egg donation is the next step for us. Because of my age , PCOS and blocked fallopian tubes I’m facing diminished ovarian reserve. Seems everything an infertile woman can face :frowning:
Thjis time we’re most likely to apply for DE in Ukraine.
I have greate hope this all won’t last forever!! May God hear these prayings…


I hope things work out for you with egg donation. This is a very hard process. Sometimes people are able to find help and support from the Fertile Heart website, teleconferences and tools. So often people are left without the emotional support. Fertile Heart really helps to try and figure out what is going on in our lives -seeing this journey for what it can be and what it means to be alive, instead of just as an unfair curse. Women so often feel badly about themselves, particularly related to his issue, like we’re defective or something. But we are alive and experiencing life as we choose to make it. Fertile Heart really helps with this no matter what the path.
I wish everyone here the best.


Hello! Thanks for all your soothing words. Fortunately our 2nd try with donor eggs was our rainbow. We placed back 2 nice 5-day blasts. One vanished but another one turned into a beautiful baby inside me! I’m so overwhelmed and happy that finally we ARE parents. This was so long awaited one even can’t imagine. With all our fertility history we thought it would take us even more attempts. But God blessed us, he always does for long waiting, I’m sure. Besides the wish to become a parent is one of the most vivid and important. So we cannot be just left alone. And yep, ladies in the same boat are just great. They are real warriors and deserve their babies. Whatever happens they keep on moving, never stop and never give up. They know why they are doing all this - not money, not wealth, but for their sacred wish! You’re right there are so many recourses here and there on the net, but thankfully I’ve met only helpful and sensitive people on forums while being struggling. This helped me enormously to go through the tough times. Let the coming year become the rainbow for all of struggling ladies in the world! Holly XXX