In first IVF cycle.. Feel anxious


I am in my first IVF cycle. We conceived my son naturally without knowing we have a problem. We found out my husband has low count, low motility and abnormal morphology. We are doing an antagonist protocol with ICSI.

Just don’t know what to expect… Don’t want to get my hopes up


This is what my husband and I did as well. My husband had not issues at all, it was all me… BUT, I go for my first ob sonogram this coming Thursday… I got my BPF and also had good Beta… it is a bit nerve racking, but just trust your doc… IT would great for us so far!


Hi Kate! Good luck with your cycle. I just finished mine and got my BFP yesterday from the first cycle! The whole process is so much more draining and intrusive than I expected so please feel free to ask me anything! I did most of my research on google to begin with, and can’t say that was the best or most reassuring info I could have gotten.
I did an antagonist protocol as well, using ICSI, and even though it was hard emotionally and a bit overwhelming, I would do it again in a heartbeat. We weren’t expecting this cycle to be a success so were already planning for the next cycle in advance, even knowing what a crazy, hormonal time it is.
Best of luck to you - and know that you are not alone in feeling anxious!