In need of you and your support


Hello, everybody!

well I don’t know even how to start this post but i want to. I feel i need your support and advices as well, I’m so devastated and it seems I lost the faith already. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for a long time with no positive outcomes. My husband and me tried a lot, starting from the icsi to the ivf with donor’s eggs, to say truth I don’t know what should be next. My body is rejecting everything and I don’t want to believe we have no choice to be parents! Of course my husband is a good man and we are happy family but not so happy as I wanted to be! Now I look into mirror and see that empty eyes, with no joy. A little fire is almost died inside me and that scares, because my imagination of a happy family was a bit different. I wanted to hear noises of my children and not that empty noise of a key!

I don’t want what to say, i just want to be happy and satisfied with my life. Is it too much of a woman who is tired? I don’t think so! That’s why I came here to find a support and some good words. I do believe a lot of wonderful women will help me, or if I don’t get help i just will have a support! So it would be really nice to read anything from you all. Who knows, maybe my solution is next to me?

Thank you for reading