In the process of becoming legal guardians


So I’ve mentioned before that DH and I are in the process of becoming legal guardians of a three year old - we now have a court date for the end of this month. Anyway, the mother of this three-year-old called me this afternoon and while we were talking she made a comment that she wishes she would have never done what she did - and by that she means marrying her husband which then in turn means she would have never had her daughter. She’s told me this before and it didn’t sit well then either. How can someone say that they wish they never had their daughter when there are so many of us who are going through so much just to have a baby of our own? It’s just really frustrating hearing her say things like that. :grr::grr::grr:


That’s terrible. Your DD is lucky to have you.


All you can do is love that little girl like she deserves!!
I have a friend who once told me, " although I love my kids, I never wanted them. I didn’t ask for them."



I can see why that would hit a nerve you have a right to find that offensive. She is having her ow issues is what it seems like to me and it seems more directed at her husband. I would try to ignore her comments, don’t waste any anger or energy on her. There is something truly wonderful happening here this child is getting a mother and father who love her and will see to it that she feels and knows that she is a gift and a blessing rather than someones regret. I hope you don’t have to have any further contact with this woman after everything goes through. I am so happy for you and your DH, best wishes!


She’s an idiot, just be thankful there are people like her, because it has given you love and joy of a child that you may not have otherwise. But I can see why that would upset you, I’m sure you love that child and to hear someone say they wished she was never born is awful. Try and ignore it. Easier said than done, I know <3