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We lost our sons on 11/17/10 to incompetent cervix - it took us completely by surprise.

If you or anyone else has suffered from IC, please share the link to my survey: Powered by Zap Survey



lost my son at 21 3/7 on 11/16/10

I too lost my son due to IC and was not aware of the condition or that I was even at risk for it. I had a D&C in 1992 and had no other cervical problems. We conceived with injectables and timed intercourse. I am at a loss of words to even try to explain how much this hurts. We are going to try again and we will have a cerclage put in at week 13 and have partial bedrest. We ahve been told that our chances of having twins is greater with the second preganancy but we refuse to let this scare us away from achieveing our goals and dreams of have a little one in our arms.


I lost my baby girl at 17w2d on 9/22. I knew that I have a bicornuate uterus, but all that my doctor did was tell me that I’d be on early travel restriction (15 weeks before my due date). She seemed to think if I was going to have any problems, they’d show up after 20 weeks. My cervix looked fine at my 12.5 week ultrasound.

I will have a cervical cerclage placed at 14 weeks when I get pregnant again. Hoping my FET on 12/14 is successful!


Last year I was pg with twins after IUI. We lost one twin at 12 weeks when it’s heart stopped beating. 6 weeks later my water broke, and we had to deliver our son who had no fluid left to survive. At the time my doctor had done an internal exam and felt my cervix was closed so incompetent cervix was not diagnosed. It was an “unexplained PPROM” loss. Of course we were devastated.

We jumped right into an IVF cycle after I recovered and had a saline sonogram to check my uterus. We got pg within 5 months on the first try. Thankfully I was also being seen by a maternal fetal medicine group along with my OBs. They also felt I did not have an IC but started checking me cervical length at 16 weeks.

At 18 weeks, it went down to 2cm and I had a cerclage placed. It continued to shorten and at 22 weeks i had 1 cm left and was put on modified bedrest until 35 weeks.

At 36 weeks the stitch was removed, I ended up being induced the day before my due date. My healthy son was born 12 days ago via c-section.

It is STILL unclear if it was IC since I didn’t dilate more than 1 cm after the stitch was removed. I don’t believe I will have another child but if I did, I would definitely have a cerclage placed at 12-14 weeks.

It makes me so sad when I hear about senseless losses like all of yours and mine when a simple ultrasound repeated at 16 and 18 weeks could prevent them.

I am so sorry for your losses, and I pray you all have your miracle baby like I did. He is such a blessing, but I still cry for the son we lost.


I’d like to add my blog site: Incompetent Cervix Quest for reference.

Thanks for your stories, ladies!