Inconceivable - Never give up hope


Hi All,
It’s great to have joined this forum. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 8 years. Have had 5 IVF’s but none of the embryo transfers implanted. The feeling of despair and sadness has been overwhelming at times. I came across a book called “Inconceivable” written by Julia Indochiva. The book is a 1st hand account around her personal fertility struggles and the things she did to deal with the challenge. She is now a mom of 2 beautiful girls. I couldn’t put the book down and felt like I connected with so many of the authors personal challenges. If nothing else, this book gave me hope. Julia runs an organization called FertileHeart and provides so many wonderful blogs, articles on many important fertility related topics like nutrition/diet, supplements, acupuncture, imagery, etc. I’ve attend her one day workshop and it was life changing for me. I’m beginning to incorporate the practice into my life and I’m amazed at how I feel already. I wanted to share as it really has helped me and you may find some comfort and useful information to help you with your journey. Here is a link to success stories for folks who have incorporated Julia’s work into their lives and have become parents! It reminds you that there is always hope and to never give up.

Good luck to you all and I look forward to being part of this forum!


hi, dragonflylove! Glad to hear that you’ve found something that helps you regain your faith. Though I don’t completely understand how it works.
Just take care dear, and pay more attention to your health and the environment that surrounds you. I mean try to avoid stressful situations and normalize your way of life, get enough sleep, less work and lifting hard weight, don’t forget eating healthy food. That’s just maybe that would help you improve the quality of your eggs and get finally pregnant. Anyway, I came across the article that says it’s preferable to have a child through the ivf 'cause the conditions for an embryo development there are much better comparing to those your organism may provide when you are 40+. Here is the link to an article You may look it through in case you find it necessary. I will be happy if that would help you somehow. (there’s a lot of other useful information on the site and scientifically proved) Or maybe you should try another clinic for your ivf. If you want I can recommend you one that is quite good.
Wish you luck


Are you having unexplained infertility problems and you’ve done all you could yet no solution to the challenge. I had similar problem, I was afraid to talk about it at first. I read articles about celebrities who has faced similar problem I decided to discuss it with people. Mine was extreme but I got help when I finally decided to tell people about my problem. I was asked to contact Eka herbal center for herbal treatment to infertility. I contacted them they were ready to assist and offered some herbal medications which I took and eventually was able to conceive. It’s a long story, if you’ve been there ( fertility problem) you’ll understand what I’m talking about. If you need help contact.( [email protected] ).for assistance on how to cure infertility challenges. It worked for me and I believe this will go a long way in somebody’s life. Best of luck


Be positive dear. Many people have been going through infertility. It is not something easy. It takes one with the power to move on. I have seen couples who have been TTC for over 15 years. they are now proud parents of twins. They gave each other hope and support. there was no point in their marriage life that they started pointing fingers. Like one is the one responsible of all that or what. I am really proud of that couple. They will always be my super couples. In marriage sometimes we just have to be patient. I have been through infertility but my case is not worthy mentioning when compared to theirs. They left behind a shed of light. That ray of hope that nothing is impossible,. They have been my inspiration. Thank you too for sharing the articles. I believe someone here will find them helpful. I also hope that your journey comes to an end. May you find your source of happiness. But if you ever think of surrogacy you can check here