So. I bought this book AFTER my fertility issues. AFTER I was finished having children. I was just curious about the trials and tribulations of a person with a similar diagnosis to mine and I needed a book to read. While reading I decided I too needed to make a few life style changes as I was hoping to avoid early menopause-- Not get pregnant. 6 weeks later I was staring at a positive pregnancy test. I will take every baby I am ever blessed with, my husband and I were ecstatic!. Obv we weren’t using protection. My ovaries were my protection. Lol. So after years of lost hope and fear… One morning of BD I’m January was all it took. (It was before mass and I did sneak in a little prayer for a miracle… Even though you’re not trying-- I deep down had a little hope).

I lost 30 lbs last year after my son was born making me the lightest I have been for a while. But light is relative. I’m 5’5" and I was 170 lbs. ( light for moi).

The book gave me positive thinking that despite the docs outlook of doom and gloom with diminished ovarian reserve-- I can reverse this and I am not only as good as mi highest fsh. I went on the 17 day diet-- only because it had a similar eating style to the woman in the book and I need structure. Every morning I made a smoothie which consisted of a cup of kefir, blended with frozen blueberries and strawberries and a full tablespoon of flax seed oil. After only 6 weeks of smoothies and diet … Preggo. I don’t have any clue if it helped but ironically enough I was unable to get pregnant from the age of 32 to 37 on my own. And even had a failed ivf. My plan was to start the w. grass shots but became pregnant b4 I could. Remember my plan was to stave off menopause and prevent a full beard by my 38th birthday. I just think if anyone out there is struggling with high fsh and considering donor eggs that isn’t ready to go that route just yet this is a great book. It can b read in one day. Obv my fsh was 12, but I was still a poor responder and had close to 3 years of bot one positive pregnancy test. My husband swimmers are tiny super heroes so that was never the issue. Just my lazy older than they should be ovaries. I hope this helps someone!

I never did acupuncture mainly because it was winter (dark and cold) and I was tired after a long days work. Yes I work full time and have two kids under 4 at the time so I didn’t have all the time in the world to make changes like the woman in the book. Example: bd before mass with kids still sleeping. Lol