Inconsistent urologist


My Dh and I just got off the phone with our urologist in Seattle, Dr. McClure. And I’m so confused and frustrated! At the beginning of our journey our local urologist suggested my husband do varicocele surgery. During the surgery the dr. also did a biopsy which came back normal. Soon after the dr. told us that my DH has a blockage and should have surgery to fix it. My DH’s first sample came back at 0 and the second came back at 1 mil. So right away we were wondering how this could be a blockage when some sperm were making it out sometimes. Instead of surgery which we found may or may not work we opted for IVF. We traveled to SRM in Seattle because of there great urologist that they work with so closely. We have our first phone appointment with the urologist, Dr. McClure. (We live 10 hours from Seattle) He seemed great and we were really feeling optimistic about getting some answers. We meet again with him while in Seattle for our IVF cycle and pretty much had the exact appointment as before because he failed to review my DH’s biopsy. However, he did say that a blockage or a partial blockage is very unlikely and he was pretty sure my DH just had pockets in his testis that were producing sperm and causing the inconsistent SA. He also said to try to get sperm for the IVF through a SA for our cycle because if he had to do a teSA most likely the quality of sperm would not be as great. Also, if he did a TESA and found nothing he would have to completely cut him open to get sperm! YIKES!! Thankfully after 3 SA we had enough. Fertiliztion was great 13 out of 22 but they didnt’ mature and our IVF failed.

Today we just got off the phone and Dr. McClure is now saying DH has a partial blockage and his sperm quality would be better through as TESA. I directly asked him why he changed his mind and he danced around the question without answering.

I’m so frustrated and I’m not sure what to do. Do we do the IVF cylce again and hope that DH has a good sample? and risk Dr. McClure cutting him open? DO we find a new clinic? Any suggestions about be so helpful! THanks


Get a 2nd opinion! I cannot stress this enough. my hubby went to 3 different doctors before they finally diagnosed and treated him right.

He was told he had an STD, which we knew he didn’t then went to another dr. and was told it was and infection, well not so much. Finally they said it was just unexplained and there was nothing after 3 months of clomid. Finally found and actual Male infertility Specialist and they found a grade III varicocele quickly and low testosterone. We wasted 9k and a year and poor hubby had to go on so many meds and do numerous test. The varicocele repair might not help the sperm count but he was in pain so it was needed.

Sounds like the doctor you had is trying to cover his behind. Got to someone else first before anything major


When DH and I were engaged, we knew something was wrong. He has CAVD and it’s obvious that something is wrong in that case. Well, my ob-gyn referred him to a urologist. This person said it was psychological and maybe he really didn’t, subconsciously, want a baby. I was livid. I was very proactive and adamant that something was wrong. My DH had just accepted this and really didn’t want to pursue it. He knew it wasn’t a mind thing, but he didn’t push it either.

Finally, we met our RE and he tested DH for everything. We finally figured out about 3 months after our first visit with him that it was CAVD.

You have to be your own advocate. Go see someone else. Ask for testing/lab work. Don’t give up.


Thanks for your replies ladies. I guess our problem is we don’t know where else to go? We live in Montana so we know we will be having to travel out of state. We thought about doing our next cycle in Spokane but read awful reviews about Dr. Robbins there. So as of right now we are still planning our next IVF at our same clinic, SRM. The only reason I feel comfortable not leaving is because my doctor, Dr. Criniti, there is amazing! I absolutely love her!

As of right now, we found a sperm bank in MT which is only 3 hours from us. So we decided DH would freeze a few samples and have enough back up for our next IVF so we can avoid any unwanted surgeries. Basically we are trying to bypass Dr. McClure. If this cycle does not work we will definitely be switching clinics. Any suggests of where to go?