India Surrogacy ..?


Not sure if this is the right forum, but I’m a wannabe father here (in US) looking to find a gestational surrogate mother in India. Primarily for cost reasons. Anyone have any comments, suggestions?


Hi! I cannot be of much help here. I mean things regarding surrogacy in India. But you may find the costs quite affordable in ukraine, for example. Here one thing is vital just before starting to consider. Whether you’re married or single. Under ukrainian law only married heterosexual couple can apply for surrogacy. After you sign the contract with your surrogate she has zero rights for the future baby. It’s considered to be yours from the moment of conception. The surro cannot claim any rights. The birth certificate is issues with the names of the IP. I know the clinic which guides through all the stages of the process. Up to the exit stage and the day you leave the country with your baby in hands. Then costs there vary from 40k to 50k euros depending on the program. Here you should evaluate the services offered well. For example some packages offer you can be present at delivery or live with your baby in a separate room at the maternity house. Or those giving you unlimited number of attempts. Or guaranteed refund in case you face the treatment plan failure. Quite a plenty of useul options! I’d recommend investigating more. Good luck!!