Indian/middle eastern origin egg donor


I am going for DOnor IVF but as we know it is too expensive so we want to cut costs by going to the clinic that has a donor we like in their in-house donor pool. As I am from India, we want to find someone that looks like my community girl. I live in Bay area, CA and I am looking for an Indian/middle eastern origin egg donor but couldn’t find one.
At this stage I am willing to travel anywhere in USA just don’t want to go to an agency. Did anyone come across donors from these ethnicities at your RE donor pool?


I’ve seen Indian donors at AFCC in Chicago (actually in Gurnee, a suburb of Chicago). As you may know, AFCC is one of the best clinics in the country–its success rates are phenomenal.

If I were in your shoes, I would sign up to view the databases of the top 10 donor-egg clinics in the country and look through to see who had an Indian or part-Indian donor that I liked. By “top 10,” I’m talking about success rates. In no particular order, the best clinics are:

CCRM in Denver

ORM in Portland, Oregon

AFCC in Chicago

SDFC in San Diego

IVF-NJ in Morristown, NJ

You can find donor-egg success rates for these clinics, and for virtually all clinics in the US, at the SART website, which is here: ASRM: Infertility, Reproduction, Menopause, Andrology, Endometriosis, Diagnosis and Treatment. I personally would not go to any clinic that did not list their success rates with SART, and I also wouldn’t go with any clinic whose success rates were lower than 60% (national average success rates for fresh DE cycles are about 55%, but these top 5 clinics listed above have success rates at or above 70%). Actually, to be totally honest, I wouldn’t go with any clinic that didn’t have success rates of 68%-70% or above, but that’s my personal preference.

Best of luck!


Thank you all.

Family4U:Though I have family back in India and is much cheaper and easier for me to do IVF there, I don’t want to got here because lack of proper screening of the donors. I didn’t find anyone who does thorough screening as US does. So little apprehensive about going there.

Trixi: Thank u for such a detail response. I did look at CCRM but they are bit overexpensive compared to all agencies. When everybody elses total is coming to ~30k, their’s is ~36k and also they didn’t include medications in it. But you gave me such good point as to go to people who has high success rate. Right now, my mindset is totally focused on finding a donor and hopefully the cost will be within our range. But I guess when we are spending so much on 1 IVF, better go for peole who has high success rate.

My11: Frankly I am so overwhelmed with this process and number of agencies that I don’t have patience/energy to deal donor by donor. Maybe it is easy if we are their patient and just sit in there office and browse through if they are so worried about sharing their donor list online.