Infertility Solution


Hey, I hope you’re doing good. 10 days is a very long time. You are indeed a very strong woman. I am happy that your husband is supportive. If you think this procedure is for you then you should opt for it. Make sure you are properly researched. In many areas, the process is illegal so make sure the place you visit everything is being done there legally. Apart from that make sure that the clinic is providing you with the child’s documents. This is something I have been told is very important. Also, make sure that the surrogate is chosen after a proper procedure. The clinics ensure that the surrogate already has children doesn’t drink and does not have any past illness. Make sure the clinic you visit has these criteria as well. Apart from that clinics also do a medical test on the surrogate to ensure she has no illness. This again is very important for the baby and the surrogates safety. Best of luck to you I hope everything goes fine.


I hope you are doing well and good. I felt deep sorrow to know about your infertility problem. You are not alone in this journey. We are in the same boat. many ladies are trying their best to cope with this issue. Stay strong and hope for the best. It filled my heart with joy that you are going for surrogacy. Baby dust at your doorsteps. Good luck to you and best wishes too!


So sad to hear that you are also infertile. Its problem is too much nowadays. Many people are worried because of this problem. Sometimes it happens that doctors either can’t judge the problem. Sometimes the problem is undefined. 10 years is really long period. People usually lose hope after 3,4 years. You are so brave that you tried for 10 years. It’s good that at least you have found the solution to your problem. Surrogacy is really a good treatment. Many people have tried this treatment. And they all succeed in it. And yes condition of the clinic also really matters. And Ukraine is really good for this infertile treatments. Biotexcom is the best clinic there. You should really go for it. Best of luck. May your wish comes true.