Infertility Story


Hi there! how are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. We are doing great. I read your post. TTC is very tough. It requires a lot of patience. I am sorry that you are infertile. I am too. I had my baby through surrogacy. I think you should go for it too. If you think IVF or IUI is the option that is right for you then you should go for it. It is your choice at the end of the day. I just hope you become a mother soon. Take care. Best of luck.


Hi! It is very bad to hear what you had gone through. It is very difficult to pass through this. But it is a positive thing that you are not losing hope. Good to know that you are looking forward and surrogacy is the best option. I am an infertile lady. I am a mother of a surrogate son. Surrogacy proved like a blessing for me. It is just like a miracle for the people like us. Do not worry about the process. It is the safest way. I chose surrogacy because of its success rate. So I would also suggest you go for surrogacy. It really helps. I hope best for you. Take care and stay blessed


Hi there! how are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. We are doing great. I read your post. TTC is very tough. It requires a lot of patience. I am sorry that you are infertile. I am too. I had my baby through surrogacy. I think you should go for it too. If you think IVF or IUI is the option that is right for you then you should go for it. It is your choice at the end of the day. I just hope you become a mother soon. Take care. Best of luck.


Such a great piece of news to read, hun! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and that you have nothing to regret about using biotexcom for surrogacy. We came back there again for a sibling:hugs: I know we’re in the right hands so nothing to worry about. This time we’re using another donor. We hope we’ll have our baby#2 soon with them. As for surrogacy I know pretty much about the process from the clinic’s staff. Once I had a good talk with my dr who was kind to explain the smallest details. Actually she was surprised when I asked her about the surrogacy process at biotex. She reasured us we were going the right way with donor egg ivf and there was no need on counting on surrogacy at all. But you know I felt I wanted to kill two birds with one stone then so wanted to know. Fortunately, she was absolutely right. It took us 2 shots with donor eggs to conceive a beautiful healthy baby.
Thank you for your story and time taken to share it with us. It’s so inspiring. Would love to know how are the things going now…Be blessed always x


Hope you’re well, luv. Just wanted to wish you good luck with your journey. I know it’s some time since your post, so probably you’ve got some good news so far. What stage with surrogacy are you at currently? May I ask you, was it chromosomal abnormalty of your embies dr told you about? what were his suggestions? Did he advice pgd for example? Do update, hun, hoping for you.


Well IUI is good for the couples with male infertility factor. So it’s a nice option to try unless the eggs are fine and healthy enough for the procedure. Personally I think there are more chances with ivf when dr suspects the problems of both. But this is my opinion only. I’m not hinting anyone onto peculiar procedure. This choice must be based on medical history and test results of both. Dr and the couple are the ones to make the final wise decision.


While surrogacy is not without its challenges for intended parents, it is often the answer to years of hard work and frustration for hopeful couples and individuals who have tried unsuccessfully to add to their families. Intended parents may face fewer restrictions with surrogacy than with adoption; those who cannot adopt due to agency restrictions on factors like age can still pursue surrogacy. Surrogates have already carried other pregnancies and have a proven uterus, increasing their chances of successfully carrying a surrogate pregnancy. This may make surrogacy more likely to be successful than fertility treatments for intended parents. Surrogacy gives intended parents more control and peace of mind throughout the pregnancy than they usually have with fertility treatments or adoption. I have been through surrogacy in Bio tex com clinic and they are the best. You need not to worry. You are in safe hands with them.


I’ve been through ivf (DE) shots with biotex. It took us 2 rounds actually to conceive our girl. I’m 43 yrs old now. And we both understood we wanted more kids. With this very purpose we called the clinic some time ago and defined the date of the consultation. The girl answering seemed not surprised at all when we told we were coming back. She smiled and said ‘‘welcome guys, we were waiting for you’’ Which made me smile her way…This is incredible to know the clinic does care about its IP. Also it sounds like we aren’t the only ones who told they were coming back…To cut my story short, they matched another beautiful donor for us. This sweet lady prduced a lot of healthy egg for us, only 2 of them didn’t fertilize. We got fully prepared to have our A grade embies placed inside me, hoping for they’ll grow into a cute sibling for our daughter. GL and prayers needed.
I just wanted to say our first experience with them is the most positive one. We’d passed 2 rounds ivf with oe before, but frankly speaking I didn’t feel comfortable with that clinic. Their lab seemed to spill the embies on the floor and then want you to pay extra for that…
So I fully agree the clinic’s choiceis the vital one.


All Biotexcom packages are all-inclusive. Meaning they include: Accommodation. Meals. Medical procedures and medications. Medical and psychological examination of the surrogates. Payments to the surrogate. Transfers to and from the airport and the clinic. Donor eggs if needed – for no additional price!! Interpreter with you at the clinic on every visit. Legal help to obtain documents for the baby after it is born. Monthly ultrasound reports with pictures of your baby. English speaking coordinator who is considered to be your point of contact at the clinic. Moreover, all packages are paid in 5 intallments!! No need to pay the whole money sum at once. The last 2 installments are paid after the birth of your baby! Needless to say their ”guaranteed” refund if no luck.
One more thing to add. Have you, guys, ever seen anywhere such prices like:
1 IVF cycle for EUR 4,900.
2 IVF cycles for EUR 6,900, meaning EUR 3,450 per cycle!
5 IVF cycles for EUR 9,900, which is EUR 1,980 per cycle!!
Besides, all of the packages include donor eggs, ALL medications needed, transfer from/to the airport and from/to the clinic, accommodation, meals, interpreter services.
This definitely blews away!
Wishing you all the best with your current shots!!


You made the right choice. The clinic is very modern, both in exterior and interior. All equipment is new. Everyone who comes into the clinic puts boot covers on. Everything is absolutely clean. All medical stuff wears very neat uniform with badges indicating their names. Nurses and doctors wear one shot sterile gloves. To sum up, the level of medical service is high. Finally, the clinic deals exclusively with foreigners, mainly westerns. So they try to keep up with high requirements of their clients.
Drop us a line soon.


We chose Biotexcom as our surrogacy destination was that the clinic offers cost-effective treatments. It prides itself on integrity. The clinic’s dedicated to providing a transparent process!! They usually divide the package costs into several installments. Quite a useful thing. We’ve also visisted other places in Kiev. It became obvious how their plans differ from what other centers in the area offer. BioTexCom team is committed to making sure you know what to expect upfront. Unlimited number of shots. Live birth or money refund guarantee. All -inclusive plans. There’s hardly a lot of clinics which might offer sth similar. Biotexcom gave us the highest chances of fulfilling our dream of bringing home a baby. From the very beginning they offered us comfy atmosphere. Our kind dr always compassionate and understanding. The staff knows the hurdles we, the infertile, are moving through…They are ready to help. Their support line is fantastic. I used to call quite often and was sure every time to get clear answers. As for the shoe covers - that’s totally it! lol. Things seem sterile with them. No germ, no dust…-nothing. lol. Good job they are doing.


Don’t lose hope. consult with another doctor if the first one is not given any clue.


The journey to a fertility clinic looks very different for everyone. Sometimes this road is short and smooth. Other times it is a long and wearying process. The decision to seek help through surrogacy is an incredibly personal one. For those couples who want children but cannot safely get pregnant. Or those who are having difficulty conceiving. - Srrogacy offers them a chance to create the family they’ve always wanted. It’s well known that certain medical conditions can make pregnancies extremely risky for the mother and/or her baby. Sometimes a medication to treat an illness can make conception difficult or even life threatening. For example, if the mother has a heart condition or cancer, her doctors may strongly advise her from ttc. In these instances, it can be heartbreaking for a woman to learn that her medical condition prevents her from carrying her own child. But once the reality starts to sink in, surrogacy is a logical option. I would advise women who worry that health conditions may affect their pregnancy to consult with their dr about the possibility of surrogacy.
@JannetLee, I agree with all things said about 24/7 support line. It’s an incredible way to stay in touch with staff daily. whenever you’re facing difficulties or not. you may just address all your concerns to them and get clear answers. Glad to hear about your positive experience with BioTex.


There are many reasons why a couple might choose to take the route of having a baby through a surrogate mother. Those are only some common ones.~
Same sex couples. Gay couples, for example, will sometimes use donated eggs and the services of a surrogate mother to create a family.
Age. Many clinics have a specific age range requirement when accepting surrogates or gestational carriers.
Personal decision. Everyone has the right to build families in the way that supports their personal choices. For some women, surrogacy might be not a medical choice, but a social choice! (But it’s possible only in several countries. As in the most contries where surrogacy is legal and well regulated you’ll have to prove your disability of carrying kids yourself.)
Unterus absence. The woman in a couple wishing to start a family may not have a uterus. This can be the result of a rare genetic malformation. It’s known to affect as many as one in twelve thousand women. Or these might be the women who have had their uterus removed. Sometimes this is a necessary step in treating such medical conditions as cancer. The lack of a uterus precludes any possibility of the woman bearing a child herself.
Uterine structural problem. Less severe than the mentioned above. A woman might have an uterine defect. It makes conception of a child difficult. Or the woman cannot carry the kid to term. Sometimes, a malformation of the uterus can have little impact on conception, so that it’s still possible for the woman to carry the kid herself.
Finally, some medical conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, or severe diabetes can turn a pregnancy into a life-threatening event for mother and child alike. as might a history of certain types of cancer. Also if the woman is taking certain medicines to treat an unrelated health problem or physical condition may put an unborn child’s health at risk.
Naturally, there are many other reasons for opting to have a child via surrogacy. People who could see their dream of a biological child made reality by means of surrogacy.
The point that the former writer has been through multiple miscarriages makes her the true candidate for surrogacy. Then it’s purely her individual choice whether to use this option or not.


Hi, Roxie, you should know the reason why did you have unsuccessful IVF attempts. If the clinic said to you that you can carry baby by yourself, maybe there is a chance. If I had an opportunity to carry a child by myself, I would be very happy. But I had no choice and we decided to pass surrogacy in Ukraine, the clinic is called Adonis. Now, we are parents for 2 years already.


I have had 5 m/c ad honestly the only thing that stopped me from getting pregnant one more time was my depression. There was no other choice than to start therapy. Which certainly helped by taking a lot of time. So now, being 55 yo I can only opt for surrogacy de or adoption. neither of them is cheap, not easy. well, anyways, as I have been mentioning, I have signed with WCOB agency. so it is not that stressful anymore. but the point I wanted to make is that multiple m.c do make you a candidate for surrogacy but for a woman with high hopes it is something that is hard to understand.


Hi, Roxie1513!
I had an ovarian cyst deliting surgery (2007) and 3 miscarragies. Last month had 5th bfn after IVF+DE and now absolutely devastated, absolutely exhausted. I couldn’t talk to anybody during last few weeks. Only few days ago came back to my job. I thought that I would be able to move to surrogacy if nothingwork out but now, I understand that I need a break. And I am not even sure that I will…
BTC a great clinic buy can’t give me time for thinking it over. I need to decide in a short time if I want to continue. Don’t know what to do…
Sorry, just wanted to support you but bothering you with my failure((
How are you? How is your journey going on? Did you decide to go for surrogacy with btc or some other clinic? Have you already heard about their innovation?


I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling like this…God love you poor thing, He’s got his plan for you.
Look, I’ve shared this on other threads, but thought this might be helpful for you.~
BioTexCom Center for Human Reproduction offers patients who are above 40 and for those, who suffer from low levels of AMH, an innovative program that makes it possible to get pregnant with their own eggs. The donation of mitochondria is an innovation and a breakthrough in the field of ART and the fertility treatment. This program gives women, who underwent numerous unsuccessful IVF cycles, aged 40+, (patients with low mitochondrial functional activity), an excellent chance to give birth to a child who shares a genetic relationship with her and her partner. How is this possible?
Mitochondrion is one of the most important components of any living cell, including the egg. In simple words, mitochondrion is the cell’s energy station. Essentially, its work consists in supplying the cell with vital energy for its normal functioning.
Women that went through multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts, as well as of older reproductive age, need to restore oocyte mitochondria in order to successfully become pregnant. A woman can become pregnant only if there are functionally active mitochondria in her oocytes. Donation of mitochondria will allow thousands of hopeless women to give birth to a healthy child through IVF using mitochondrial donation.
To carry out such a procedure, an egg donor with a high functional activity of mitochondria (a blastocyst production rate of 70% or more), a patient (willing to get pregnant), and sperm for in vitro fertilization are required. Healthy functionally active mitochondria are taken from a donor’s oocyte and integrated with the patient’s cells. Next, fertilization with sperm and transfer of a healthy embryo into the patient’s uterus is performed.
Mitochondria donation is a unique assistive reproductive technology, which is basically the implantation of a healthy and functionally active donor mitochondria into the cells of an infertile patient, that provides the patient’s cell with the necessary energy and contributes to successful pregnancy.
I did google for more info on the point. ad what I read completely differed!! The point is that other clinics offer the similar procedure, BUT they take out the core from the donor’s egg and place it back to the patient’s egg. This cell core has the hugest impact on the future baby’s DNA.
At Bio tex com clinic they transfer mitochondria only! And those do not influence the DNA at all. This means you get genetically related to YOU baby!! even though you use donor’s help.
I hope my message will help you in a way.
Wishing you quick recovery and all the best with your further steps. Hugs.


Thank you for your kind words.
I’ve read somewhere on the internet quite an interesting piece of info concerning blocked Fallopian tubes and their role in fertility. I was shocked how complicated the issue might be! From what I’ve read, Fallopian tubes can be damaged in many different ways. If the furthest end of the tube is blocked, then the tube cannot pick up an ovulated egg. This may also cause the tube to collect fluid and dilate, creating what is known as a hydrosalpinx. It is important to know if your blocked tubes created a hydrosalpinx, because the fluid that collects inside can decrease your chance of successful pregnancy with IVF by about 50%. If your doctor finds a hydrosalpinx, they may recommend that you have the tube removed or blocked using a surgical procedure, so that the fluid from the hydrosalpinx does not communicate with the uterus. Damaged fallopian tubes may sometimes be partially open. This can increase your risk of an ectopic pregnancy, or a pregnancy that implants outside the uterus. The fallopian tube is the most common place for an ectopic pregnancy to grow. An ectopic pregnancies can be dangerous if it grows large enough to cause heavy bleeding, and so in almost all cases it should be removed using surgery or medication.
Ladies often write about their low AMH levels when it comes to fertility. But this issue becomes really not too serious with the innovative method the clinic we’ve been with offers now. - Donation of mitochondria. (I’ve already posted a lot about this method. You may have a look at for details). What I wanna say is that there are so many reasons we should take into account when facing fertility issues. Only professionals can help with those!! We had done a lot of research before went to Bio Tex Com for treatments. I don’t regret a thing staying with them. Guys know the field. they invest a lot in continuous researches to improve their treatment plans. Besides everyone can find the package which suits him. Worthy choice!


Hi. As I’ve posted previously, we passed OE surrogacy treatment plan in BioTex, Kiev. And here are some of their really strong sides. They achieve positive results due to day by day improving techniques. Their embryologists work with fresh genetic material (eggs/sperm cryopreservation is used only at patient’s will). Such approach automatically multiplies chances for the successful fertilization. It is known and proven that quality of eggs gets worse during the freezing process leading to the failed IVF attempts. In addition to the spermogram doctors at BioTexconduct sperm analysis for apoptosis. Conducting this medical test embryologist determines presence of the damaged sperm cells which prevent successful conception and can cause child’s DNA damage. In the case of cells’ poor quality, doctor prescribes appropriate medication, afterwards perform reanalysis and successfully fertilize the egg. Karyotype analysis is the part of a standard analyzes set (karyotype test shows the total number of chromosomes, the sex of the person being studied, and if there are any structural abnormalities with any of the individual chromosomes which can cause child’s diseases). Conducting programs of the egg donation and surrogate motherhood doctors calculate the ideal “window of implantation”. This is the most successful period for the embryo transfer without disturbing its structure and endometrium integrity. Starting to work with the infertile couple, their specialists use only individual approach in each case. First of all, members of the medical staff carry out detailed diagnostics of patients in order to identify clearly the seeds of the disease or reasons of the unsuccessful IVF attempts. There are no identical protocols as BioTex team does not work in the traces. Because positive result of any medical program is their main goal! Doctors of the Kiev center walk the line of the latest methods of treatment. So, for example, embryologists use the most successful method of working with blastocysts, namely, embryo transfer on the fifth day. It greatly increases the chance of pregnancy during the in vitro fertilization programs.
I should say that the surrogacy program at BioTex covers all the bases and works in the clients’ favor. Unlike other European clinics, the surrogacy program cost there is significantly lower and service is better than in the high-level medical centers. Depending on diagnosis, doctor can recommend surrogacy program with donor or own eggs. Patients pay for the program on a phased basis: igning the contract. Before the pickup / puncture procedure. When surrogate mother reaches 12th week of pregnancy. As act of delivery starts. During the final stage of the program, when biological parents receive all necessary documents and leave the clinic with the newborn.
Signing the contract, clients receive a complete package of services. In particular, BioTex drivers meet patients at the airport and provide them with a transfer from/to the clinic, hotel, embassy, etc. Clients live in the clinic’s homes, hotels which are regularly visited by pediatrician who specializes in the newborn children. Doctor monitors condition of the newborn’s health, advises parents on all issues they are interested in. In the case of premature birth, BioTex covers all the expenses concerning necessary medications, procedures, and child’s stay in the hospital if it is needed. During the whole period of the program manager and interpreter accompany couple. and organize all processes, coordinate patients, prepare all documents and help clients to go through the program without difficulties. Interpreters who accompany clients are accredited to work in the state institutions, as well as have an experience on working with the documentation for the surrogacy (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs). All services listed above are included in the price of the program you choose.