Information please!


Hi everyone-
I had my first failed ivf last month and am waiting for my period to arrive so that we can try again.
I am usually right on track but am currently 4 days late… I was wondering if you or any of you have experienced the same thing- I was on Follisim 225iui for 4 days and the cycle was cancelled due to hyperstimulation.
Have any of you experienced delayed periods after failed ivf cycles???


I didn’t do an IVF cycle, but I was on high dose of Follistim for my last IUI cycle. We did two cycles back to back and my period of the last failed cycle was close to a week late! I searched and search the internet for information on this and did find that your body basically stops working “normally” with all the stims so it takes it a while to “reboot” after the meds. Be sure to take a HPT and if it is negative, you’ll just have to wait. It was very frustrating for me but I wasn’t waiting to go into another cycle. It actually took 3 more cycles for everything to get back to “normal” (having a 28 day cycle). My first cycle was about 37 days, next one was about 35 days and then it was finally 30 days.


OH wow— Thank you so much for the information. Yes I did 4 tests and all came up :bfn: so I guess it is a waiting game-- I usually have a very normal cycle 28/29 days but this is going on 5 days late at this point… It is a little frustrating that my clinic never gave me any indication that this was going to happen, or that it was at least a possibility! :grr:
I guess it is a waiting game at this point ! Thanks again for the info.