Injectables and IUI. What Next?


[FONT=Verdana]Hi everyone, I am on this site looking for a little bit of info and support for my wife and myself. My wife is 27 has PCOS and Insulin resistance. I am also 27 and has low motility. She took Clomid for about 3 weeks and nothing happened, she didn’t respond, if anything she got all the side effects from it and nothing else. So, we moved on to injectables. She took 75iu of Menopur for a few days, 1 vial a night and her follicles started getting bigger. Some on the left were in the 8-10 range and right were 10-12 range. Her estrogen level the first time she got it checked was 82. Then three more nights of that and follicles were the same and estrogen was about 85. Thats when the doc moved us up to two vials a night of menopur. This is when she really started to respond. The third trip to the doctor left was 11-12 range and right was 10-14 range, estrogen was around 175. We stayed taking 2 vials for three more days. The next doc trip she had 14-16 on the left and 12-14 on the right, estrogen was around 425 or so. Doc thought we would get the trigger soon so we did three more days of menopur and this really did the trick. The next visit she had follicles in the left 26, 19, 21, in the right she had a 19. estrogen was 1050. That night I gave her half of the trigger shot. 2 days later we go back in and my sperm was washed at 30million post wash and that was injected into my wife. We also has sex later that night per the doctors request. She started taking these progesterone inserts 2 days later and just went in Monday to get those levels and the nurse said her progesterone was over 45 which they wanted it to be over 5… So now today is Wednesday and I am wondering… What is next? Is there any positives that come from a progesterone level over 45? My wife isn’t bleeding… I’ve snooped around here enough, I figured I’d tell our story and see if any of you could share any knowledge or advice back to us. Thanks a lot and God Bless![/FONT]


I’m 27 with pcos too but not insulin resistant so this board is great for that support. Your wife’s follicle response is fantastic this cycle and like her I never responded in the least to clomid. As for your post wash count its not all that low there are plenty couple on this board getting pregnant with lower counts than that just help her relax in her 2 week wait and hopefully you get a good outcome if not I would definitely try another round or two cause the next step is ivf. Welcome to the board you can follow along with all the other people having treatments this month on the November iui thread and ask rox to add you to the list she has running for us.


Thanks for the reply. She has been complaining of tender nipples and her breast seem to be growing. The only other thing is she is extremely tired. Hope these are prego symptoms. I appreciate the support this has really been a challenging process with all the doctor visits and shots. Hopefully Monday we’ll get some good news!