Injectibles without coverage


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get injectibles cheaper? My insurance does not cover fertility or fertility meds. Ive been taking femara which it does cover because of it’s use for breast cancer but the doc thinks I need to try injectibles. I’m already investing a ton of $ because I’m using donor sperm too. Ugh!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can I get it donated somehow???


Ask your RE’s office if they have any meds to donate. other than that, any thing else is illegal. Also, shop around. some places give cash prices for those paying OOP. I know we got a cash price after calling around.


You may want to check out fertility life lines.


I would see if your re can give you any free samples. When my re put me on bravelle they gave me my meds for free.


Yes def ask for samples! My RE goes thru Ascend Specialty Pharmacy, they give cash prices for people paying oop. I know there are other pharmacies but I’m not sure of the name. Ask if your RE goes thru specialty pharmacies :)! Best of luck!


I would say try generic brands. There is research done that proved that the results were the same as with brand names.