Injectibles *without* PCOS diagnosis?


Has anyone who does NOT have PCOS been guided to use injectibles? I believe I’m taking that route next cycle and would love to hear firsthand accounts.


I have not been diagnosed with pcos I have unexplaind infertility so sometimes I wonder if I have it even though they say I don’t. Anyway I have done 3 cycles of follistim and ovidrel 2 with ti and my current one is with iui. So far all I’ve gotten is bfn. Not sure why they put me on the meds because it seems my body functions normally the first 2 weeks of my cycle but I think they put us on the meds anyway just as a next step of their process. Good luck


I don’t have PCOS, but need injectables to ovulate properly for the condition I do have (Kallmann Syndrome).

In general, even for women who ovulate on their own, injectables produce higher quality eggs than, say, Clomid. Having the frequent monitoring also allows the doctors to see what’s going on inside you during a normal cycle…possibly giving clues as to what your issues might be (luteal phase defect, ovulation itself, follicle size or quality, etc.).

Best wishes!


We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility (definitely no PCOS) and did injectables after a bunch of failed clomid and femara IUIs. It was the step before going to IVF for us.


I have been TTC for more than 3 years now. At first I didn’t think that I could possibly have some problems with fertility and my thinking came out correct because my RE couldn’t explain my infertility. Everything’s normal with DH as well. After having 6 clomid only cyles I moved to clomid with IUI. This month I’m taking injectibles for IUI; I was advised to take them when I questioned what were my chances to conceive with just one ovary producing eggs (in both of the previous IUIs only right ovary worked). I don’t have PCOS and have been told that injectibles do double up the chances to conceive w.r.t clomid. Keeping my fingers crossed!


I should also mention that I had a friend who did something like 4-5 unsuccessful IUIs with Clomid. Her RE switched her to injections for her final cycle and that was her BFP. So, there must be something to its effectiveness!!


More targets with injectables :slight_smile: Plus clomid is notorious for messing with uterine lining.



I don’t have PCOS (at least I don’t think so since my tests showed everything was normal). We had 1 unsuccessful natural cycle and 5 unsuccessful Clomid cycles before moving on to injectibles. Our RE recommended IVF but since we didn’t not want to do that, she said we could do injectibles. We are hoping this makes the difference!

Best wishes!


I don’t have PCOS but did find out my LH and FSH levels were low so used Repronex (an injectible med that is half FSH and half LH) to help make better eggs. Before they realized my levels were low, they tried me on one round of Follistim (which is only FSH). I got pregnant both times I used Repronex, but not when I used Follistim. I’ve also gotten pregnant twice on Clomid (my first son and a m/c). I suspect my levels changed from my first pregnancy to when I was TTC#2 so that is why I may have gotten pregnant with Clomid again, but it didn’t make it. I suspect I just wasn’t getting very good quality eggs. My first four IUIs TTC#2 were with Clomid, then I did one Femara, then move on to injectibles.

Good luck!


I don’t have PCOS. We were diagnosed with unexplained. DH’s count is borderline low but I ovulated fine on my own. We went straight to injectables (Gonal-f) because I wanted to be a bit more agressinve and we were very lucky the second time around.

We are starting the process again for #2 and I have to go in for another HCG and ultrasound but as long as nothing has changed, we’ll do Gonal-f again.

Good luck!