So…I am feeling out this cycle, I have been testing daily and the positives seem to be getting lighter making me think the positive is from leftover HCG. I also think the high temps are due to the progesterone I am taking 3x daily.

This next cycle I am moving onto injectibles – don’t know the exact kind yet as I will go in on CD2 for an U/S and get the prescription info then.

I seem to be responding with clomid - multiple follicles (3-4) getting to maturity each cycle. My biggest concern with going to injectibles is overstimulation. Due to personal reasons, if I don’t get pregnant this cyle or next I am out for a year, so having to sit out a cycle due to overstimulation is not possible.

But I was thinking about it, even if I overstim (my understanding with injectibles, anything over 3 is too many), could I just not take the trigger shot and let my natural LH surge release the dominant follicle? Or do FSH work differently? Any thoughts ladies?


I can definitely relate with OHSS, my first round of injectibles caused me to go into OHSS. I caution you to be on top of the RE and make sure they watch your levels. I just recently changed RE and she reviewed my labs from my last cycle and OHSS, she saw that I was triggered even with a LH surge and a high estradiol level, she couldn’t understand why the previous MD would give me an Ovidrel trigger with those results, she did say that if since I had surged I didn’t need the trigger shot. Needless to say hoping I don’t have to go through that again. Now I just can’t get my follicles to grow, go figure:)

I hope everything goes well and I hope I gave you some good info. I hope that you can avoid OHSS.


I wouldn’t worry about overstimming as you’ll be watched alot closer. I do REALLY well on clomid. 4/5 follies on 100mg. I did just as well on 75IU follistim. Had 4 mature follies. Yes that was a low dose of injections but i was watched closely.

Goodluck :cross: