This is my first cycle of IVF, and today is day 2 of injections. I’m trying to be as positive as can be, but I’m concerned that my belly fat is going to prevent the menopur from entering my system the way it should. I go for more bloodwork on tues, so I’m assuming they’ll know from the results if the dosage is where it should be:pray:


I always worried about that too but when I was doing Lepori (Menopur) injections in my belly fat it always got where it needed to be. I did a couple inject cycles and an IVF cycle that way and will be doing another IVF cycle soon.
I’m going to ask my RE’s nurse about it on Tuesday when I go in because I’m curious too but that’s always where they told me to inject! I figure they would’ve told me otherwise if injecting in belly fat didn’t work.



As a girl with her fair share of belly fat, do not worry! If your dose seems to not be having the effect they want, they will increases it. I went from 100 to 125 of follutism (Puregon) when my follies were slow to resond. Could have been the tummy issue too.

Good luck this cycle! :cross:


I was also told that I could inject inner thigh - a little less fat there. :sunglasses: Maybe you can ask them about that?